Tania Grayson

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Tania Grayson
Tania Grayson GPO Puppet.png
AffiliationGrand Paladin Order
Campaigns The Grand Paladin Order

Tania Grayson is a Kobold Warrior played by Roamin in The Grand Paladin Order. She is a fresh recruit among the Order, having joined after her abusive master had disappeared for a time. She joined the squad of Wolster Vemtari, Fjord Stormstick, Fetchthewater, Indria and Quinn Vemtari, and William under the command of Galen Sunsword and Lance Willakers during a siege by the Ageless Army lead by the Venomburner Broodmother. She committed suicide during a bloodlust filled rage over her former master and the Grand Paladin Order, causing her to insanely put her own Mage Gauntlet to her head and fire an Ice Blast directly into her skull.



Tania is a female Kobold with long dark hair. She wears a low cut dress that Zahkar forced her to wear, a spiked collar with a heart broach on it, and a single earring. Her mascara is seen to be constantly running. It is unknown if this was intentional, or if it is a side affect of her depression.


Tania is an emotionally fractured and unstable Kobold. Having reacted extremely poorly to her parents' regarding her siblings as just as special as she is, or in her mind "lying to her," she leaves her home to live on the streets. Her emotional stability becomes further fractured when she meets Zahkar, who continues to emotional and verbally abuse her to his own satisfaction, which is further pushed due to her inability to leave him.

When she eventually joins the Paladin Order, she is met with several people trying to show that the Order itself is a family, save for Fjord, who is racist against Kobolds. However, her mind has twisted this into believing that not only are they lying to her, but so is Zahkar, pushing her further off the deep end. She then goes fully insane, turning on her teammates, particularly William due to his stoutness in surviving, and eventually turns suicidal.

Notable Attributes[edit]

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Clay and Felicia[edit]

Clay and Felicia are Tania's younger brother and sister, respectively. Tania resented them as after they were born, her parents didn't treat her as if she was the special child anymore.


Zahkar picked Tania up after Tania ran away from her family. He attracted Tania because he was an authoritative figure, and Tania craved that stability. He emotionally and verbally abused Tania; he constantly put her down to control her. Since Zahkar is what she thought was the only person who would take her in, Tania remained with him, but Tania eventually ran away from him to the Grand Paladin Order.

Character Inventory[edit]

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Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Warrior}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Vagabond}]
  • [{Attribute / Emo}]


  • [{Passive / Ironskin}]
  • [{Seeker / Tome of Frostlord Yvander}]


  • [{Bonedancer / Bone Soul Shield}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Mark of Walling EX}]
  • [{Hydromancer / Glaciate}]
  • [{Petalwalker / Malnourish}]
  • [{Warrior / Blockade}]
  • [{Warrior / Second Wind}]
  • [{Wizard / Iceblast}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion Ability / Glaciate EX}]


  • [{Treasure / Chronomina Maxer Clock}]
  • [{Warrior / Greatshield}]
  • [{Weapon / Elemental Mage Gauntlet 2}]
  • [{Weapon / Elemental Mage Gauntlet 4}]
  • [{Weapon / Spider Slayer}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Armor / Thick Fur Rainments}]
  • [{Legendary Item / Zahkar's Pocket Watch}]
  • [{Warrior / Chivalry Pledge}]
  • [{Weapon / Needle of Fury}]



When Tania left her parents and was rather depressed and had no one to go to, Zahkar took advantage of her and took her in. Unfortunately for Tania, he mistreated her and caused her only more mental harm.

The Grand Paladin Order[edit]

Zahkar first appeared in the Grand Paladin Order during the dinner party after the order successfully defended the north wall. He came to take Tania back under his control. However, Tania retaliated, and she ended up knocking him out and fleeing the party.

Companion Inventory[edit]

  • [{Attribute / Sadistic}]
  • [{Companion / Elven Hydromancer}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Glaciate EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Torpedo EX}]
Zahkar GPO Puppet.png
Campaigns The Grand Paladin Order



Tania grew up as the first born child of a Kobold family, and was considered a "special little child," of the family up until the birth of her brother, Clay, and sister, Felicia. The attention given to her siblings causes Tania to get jealous. One day, she puts her brother and sister together on the dining room table, stuck a note on them to her parents, saying she will "solve one problem for them," and left her home.

Now a runaway, Tania spends her days sleeping in the streets and eating garbage until she meets the authoritive Zahkar, a former member of the Grand Paladin Order. Tania becomes dependent on Zahkar as she has no where else to go, but Zahkar takes full advantage of her by inflecting emotional abuse on the unstable young Kobold.

The Grand Paladin Order[edit]

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After brutally murdering several Jimmies and William, she casted Ice Blast at her skull, killing herself in front of Sergio Fabioso, Indria Vemtari and Heathera Stonemason.


  • Tania Grayson was the 14th player character to die.
    • Tania was the first player character to purposefully commit suicide. (Morgana Marie did so unintentionally.)