Taylor Langstrom

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Taylor Langstrom
AffiliationThe Woodcarvers
SeasonsSeason Two

"I want to be drunk. It's who I am, Dad! And I can't change that!"
— Taylor Langstrom

Taylor Langstrom was a young Gnome child played by Rob, who was first introduced in Woodcarvers. Taylor is the only son of Michael Langstrom and has a fondness for Dwarven Ale, much to the chagrin of his father. He perished when Golestandt attacked the town of Waldon, having turned into an Ageless. A Believer who took the form of Taylor was created in Den of Devils and then subsequently killed.



Taylor is a young Gnome Child with blue eyes and long blonde hair that is often held upward by his emerald, open face helmet. Taylor wears a pair of blue overalls, a long sleeve, red flannel shirt and black boots. Taylor notably has a Silver Silk Collar that is fastened around his neck tightly, and would require an expert to remove. Taylor is often seen with a very red face and stumbling movements, and his hands are often seen looking for a mug of ale to hold.

Once Taylor became a Mindless Ageless, Taylor's skin, muscles, and organs all fell off of him, leaving his clothing and hair still attached to his undead skeleton. It should be noted that Taylor's signature helmet had been knocked slightly askew.


Taylor was a very rambunctious child. Taylor had a very serious alcohol addiction, and was always slurring his words and not making much sense overall. Taylor had a very big crush on Heathera Stonemason after drinking Vitali Zankovich's Love Potion.

Taylor had the Drunk attribute, and then the Ageless attribute before his death.


Taylor is a young child who is often in arguments with his father, Michael Langstrom, about what Taylor would rather do. While he cares for his father, his childlike mind prioritizes his wants over all else. With the other children, Taylor appears to be the closest to Jormr's Stepson, as the two have talked about their use of alcohol together.

As a byproduct of ingesting his stolen Love Potion, Taylor fell in love with Heathera Stonemason. Coupled with his drunkenness and the behavior of a child, Taylor showed his affection by humping Heathera's leg. Heathera, however, did not return the feelings.

Powers and Abilities[edit]


Ageless Abilities[edit]

  • Death Breath: As a Mindless Ageless, Taylor had the ability for force a Death Roll on anyone he breathed on.








Taylor was born to Lizzy and Michael Langstrom and at a young age was given the family Elaphelk, whom he named "H. McTrunkface." At an unknown point in time, however, his mother was abducted by Harpies.

Sometime later, his father's job had them move out to Waldon, where Taylor found his love for Dwarven ale and began to cause a commotion in the community along with Jormr's Stepson.


Den of Devils[edit]

The Believer spirit that had been housed inside Jo Krysstal's diary was released once he died, and, unbeknownst to the group, entered Taylor Langstrom's diary, which Michael had dropped earlier. As the group was fighting the Whelplings at the end, Michael heard Taylor call out for his Dad, and looked over a cliff, seeing Taylor standing on a rock in the pool of lava. Michael jumped down, and Taylor helped him down using a slime wall of his own. Michael told Taylor how much he missed him, and began to cry, while Taylor just asked for more drinks. Later, Lunk fell down, off the cliff, as well, landing partly in the lava, creating a tidal wave, headed straight for Michael and Taylor. Michael was able to dodge, but Taylor got hit by the wave, perishing. Michael then attempted to enact revenge on Lunk, but was then also kicked into the lava by Duke Daring.


Taylor perished at the hands of one of the Shroom Trents that the Woodcarvers were dealing with, dying when one slammed its tendril-like fist into him. He eventual returned to "life" as a mindless Ageless. His father tried to confront him, but was unable to properly cope. He fled with another Gnome child, leaving Taylor to unsuccessfully drink by a tree. Mikael Zankovich found him, said goodbye to his friend, and set his spirit free.


  • This is the second child character that was modeled after Roamin, the first being Phineas Barringster.
  • Taylor is currently the most reoccurringly killed character, having been crushed as a Gnome, then killed as an Ageless, then falling into lava as a Believer.