Templeton Barringster VII

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Templeton Barringster VII
  • Ancestor: Trandon Barringster
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Aunt: Jenathorn Barringster
  • Brother: Phineas Barringster
  • Cousin: Xavius Barringster(deceased)
  • Unknown: Reginald Barringster III
  • StatusAlive
    Campaigns Porc Hunters
    SeasonsSeason One

    "Temple. Ton. Barring. Ster."
    — Private Templeton Barringster VII

    Templeton Barringster VII (/tɛmpəltən bæɹɪŋstɚ/) is an Elf Cabalist that appeared in Porc Hunters. He is a member of The Sunswords Military assigned to Theta Squad under the command of Captain Ca-Rell, and later under Elmar. His other squad mate is DeNada.



    Templeton is a male elf with fair skin, blonde hair, and grey eyes. Templeton wore a maroon bowler hat, an elegant maroon cloak with golden lining and the Theta symbol (Ө)) on the right arm. Under his cloak, he wore a pink shirt with red accents and a golden jewel, a brown belt with a pouch for his Wellforn Ruby, brown pants and red knee high boots.


    Templeton is very pompous and loves to correct others when they mess up his name. Although he follows Captain Ca-Rell's orders, he believes himself to know better than her what to do, often interpreting the commands in his own way. He will also take much care to not sully his clothing while fighting, since that will not do for a man his standing, endangering the rest of the group through his inaction. Despite all of this he truly attempts to be helpful to the group, but his contributions usually go unnoticed.

    Over the course of the adventure he mostly drifts away from the group. DeNada's change of heart and Templeton's rocky relationship with his captain, who fails to see his contributions to the team, cause him to slowly become more and more frustrated with his team mates and at the end, he even starts to resent them.

    He cares much for his family, warning his brother not to follow in his footsteps due to his young age and even convincing his captain to postpone their mission of Porc hunting to go search for Phineas when he went missing. Unfortunately for Phineas, when it was revealed at the end that he might be more talented than Templeton, earning himself a place on the team even at his young age, this brotherly love mostly changed into jealously.



    At the beginning, Templeton and Ca-Rell shared a friendly relationship. This all changed however, since nobody on the team noticed his attempts to help and Ca-Rell starts to view him as a freeloader, considering him the least useful member of the team. This comes as a huge blow to his ego, which only got worse when he was the only person on the team not to get a promotion after the Whisper Snake fight. This causes a downwards spiral with him starting to resent his leader, which only got worse near the end when he was given no credit for fighting in the Porbo fight and his brother was allowed to join the team at a very young age. During the Campaign he was the only Theta Squad member never to be promoted by her.


    Templaton and Elmar have a neutral relationship. Neither of them would call each-other friends however, mostly viewing themselves as co-workers.


    Templeton views himself as better than DeNada and often behaves elitist towards him. Unfortunately, he makes no attempts to better their relationship, causing them to end the mission disliking each other.

    Phineas Barringster[edit]

    Templeton is very protective of his brother, warning him not to follow him on his mission and not to aim to become a Cabalist like him at such a young age. When his brother went missing, he immediately went to his captain and managed to convince her to postpone their mission to launch a rescue for Phineas. During the search, he is very worried about his brother's whereabouts. When they finally find him in jail, Templeton participates in the Porbo fight to free his brother. Unbeknownst to Templeton, Phineas had already managed to free himself, killing four guards on the way out and two Skelephelk. When finally reunited with his brother, all of his brotherly love turns to jealousy and eventually hate when his younger brother manages to one-up him, proving himself the better Cabalist and being allowed to join the Theta Squad at a very young age.

    Air Sprites[edit]

    Templeton is very attached to his Air Sprites, giving each one an individual name, such as Anthony, Amy[1] and Xavier[2]. He even gives them families--Anthony and Amy are twins. He does still view them as his soldiers however, and while mourning their death does not want to hurt himself to save them.

    Xavius Barringster[edit]

    Xavius is Templeton's Cousin. It is unknown what their relationship is like, however Xavius referred to him as a "tight ass" in the Sun Swords while talking to Phineas, which may imply they do not get along well.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Elf}]
    • [{Class / Cabalist}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Kindred}]
    • [{Attribute / Eccentric}]



    • [{Cabalist / Life Drain}]
    • [{Cabalist / Nearsight}]
    • [{Cabalist / Grand Raven's Claw}]
    • [{Companion Ability / Summon Air Sprites Ex}]
    • [{Companion Ability / Wind Blast Ex}]
    • [{Companion Ability / Bladeturn Ex}]

    Former Abilities[edit]


    • [{Armor / Kingfisher Cloth}]
    • [{Weapon / Oaken Staff}]
    • [{Treasure / Wellforn Ruby}]
    • Empty Beer Mug

    Former Belongings[edit]



    Templeton is a member of the Barringster family, and has a younger brother, Phineas Barringster. Other than that, not much is known about his past.

    Porc Hunters[edit]

    Templeton, along with Ca-Rell, Elmar Squishwitz, and DeNada, is in Danevur on an assignment to deal with Porcs in a near by cave. His brother, Phineas, is also in town, and runs away when Templeton refuses to let him accompany Theta Squad on their mission. Upon meeting up with the squad, they embark on their mission, and Templeton hopes to find Phineas somewhere along the way. Theta Squad stops to help deal with a large Fire Elemental that Elmar had accidentally created the previous day, and during the encounter Templeton mistakes some allied elves for enemies and a normal fire for a Fire Elemental. Then, while crossing a bridge, Theta Squad is attacked by a Whisper Snake, which forces the team to fight among themselves until it is defeated. The team then runs into Dave and his squadron, who are escorting a dangerous kobold outlaw, Chimera, to the Silvermine Mountains. Chimera frees himself from the transport carriage and attempts to escape, but Theta Squad subdues him and returns him to Dave's custody. The team then enters the caves, where they encounter several Porcs. Ca-Rell asks to speak to their leader, and the squad is escorted their leader without incident. Ca-Rell then challenges the Porc leader, Porbo, for leadership of the Porcs. Theta Squad defeats Porbo in battle, and Templeton, Elmar, and DeNada part with Ca-Rell, who decides to remain as leader of the Porcs in order to ensure they no longer cause problems in Danevur. On his way out of the caves, Templeton finds Phineas, who managed to kill several Porcs on his own, much to his disbelief. Phineas is invited to join Theta Squad due to his clear combat capabilities.


    At the end of the Campaign he is now a part of the new Theta Squad under command of Elmar with his brother Phineas.


    • Roamin received a bonus 500 gold pieces during character customization due to Rob loving his choice to have Yumi surrender during the Band of Thieves Campaign as Rob thought it was the best role play moment of the night.
    • Templeton is one of the few known members of the Barringster family to not show the clan's hereditary insanity.
      • Despite this, throughout Porc Hunters, Templeton may have shown some signs of faulty reasoning and irrationality. This is most notable during Theta Squad's combat with the Flame Spirit, where he mistakes some of his fellow elves as enemies, and goes out of his way to attack a harmless fire in the corner instead of attacking the giant Flame Spirit. He also continues to insist on seeing Ca-Rell drinking right in front of him when she emphatically states she clearly isn't.
    • Templeton's color scheme of blond hair and red clothes is likely a result of the artist, RadioactiveK, implementing Roamin's own avatar into his URL Characters.