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ClassBooty Raider
  • His family
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat

Terrence is a Greenskin Goblin Booty Raider portrayed by Roamin during The Many Gobos of Pat. He is conjoined with his twin brother, Warren, at the midsection.



Terrence is a Greenskin Goblin with blonde hair, thin frame, a missing left eye and conjoined on his left side to his twin Warren. Terrence wears a pink t-shirt that is slightly skewed on the lower left side for the connection to his brother, a large brown belt with a golden buckle, red shorts, maroon boots with red straps and a Sylvan Leaf on his belt. Terrence also wears grey tinted goggles, but the left lens was damaged when a Dwarven Paladin threw his vial of Unholy Water at Terrence. The impact caused both the vial and lens to shatter and leave Terrence permanently blind in his left eye. After being blinded in his eye, Warren attempted to clean the glass out of the eye, but accidentally removed the eye entirely.


Terrence is a perverted, masochistic, male goblin. He especially lusts after Madelyne and often makes sexual innuendos to and about her. He is otherwise annoying and generally irritating to the rest of the group and it has been remarked that they would like him and Warren to be separate just so they could get rid of him.


The Goblins Terrence lives with dislike him; this goes especially for Madelyne and his twin brother Warren. Most of the time they tell him to be quiet, or just simply ignore him.


Terrence has a crush on Her and tries to get her attention through innuendo and sexual jesters. After the final arena battle against Medusa, Madelyne gives him a kiss.

Notable Attributes[edit]

He can read the minds of the other goblins and he is missing an eye so he has bad depth perception.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Booty Raider Abilities[edit]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • Grapplegun
  • The Booty Curse









Terrence, being attached to Warren has lived with him his whole life. Terrence came out several seconds later than Warren and as such he is not in charge of the body. They considered being separated, but decided against it. Warren did not want to get separated and leave Terrence behind. Terrence was taken in by Pattenborrow when Pat wanted to take in Warren, though he begged Warren to have Terrence removed.

The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

In the Many Gobos of Pat, Terrence is captured by the Paladin Order and forced to fight to the death. In the end Terrence "helps" defeat Medusa and free the paladin order from her spell.


Terrence was last seen with the surviving party from The Many Gobos of Pat campaign after the Paladin Arena fights.


  • Roamin originally named Terrence 'Tunts', but changed it after Rob asked him to out of fear of misspeaking during the show and saying the word 'Taints' instead. [1]
  • At the beginning of the campaign Roamin accidentally referred to him as Clarence.
  • Terrence, by extension of Warren, was originally added to Tambok's Special Friend Show by Coestar in The New Crew. However, Tambok's Show was later retconned so that Goblins couldn't be a part of it, meaning both Terrence and Warren were removed from the Show.
  • Terrence's nickname was revealed as "Beans" in Okagnoma Guild Hall.