The Blood Snake Queen

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This article is about the Season 1 Campaign. For the Creature, see Blood Snake.

Season 1
Air Date: February 29th, 2016
Blood Snake Queen
Battle of the Bards
The Death of Virgo

The Blood Snake Queen is the 13th campaign of Season 1, and it started airing on February 29th, 2016. In this campaign, a group of mercenaries are hired to find and kill the mysterious Blood Snake Queen.



Character Race Class Player
Belladona von Feingart Icon.png Belladona Anka Munchsen von Feingart Keen Sorcerer Deadbones
Dob Icon.png Dob Porc Bard Millbee
Emit Crank Icon.png Emit Crank Dvergr Warrior Coestar
Slippery Knuckles Malone Icon.png Slippery Knuckles Malone Keen Berserker Roamin


Character Race Class
Job Icon.png Job Porc
Wizard Ogre Icon.png Wizard Ogre Ogre Wizard

Battle Encounters[edit]


Our adventure begins with a group of mercenaries whose goal is to defeat the Blood Snake Queen. They have to pass through a clearing in a forest, cross a bridge, and enter a cave. As they enter the clearing they see a group of Gnomes at a campsite blocking the path. Both Emit Crank and SK Malone travel along the tree line to sneak attack the elves, while Dob moves off to the side to look at the trees. Belladona decides to flank the gnomes by herself, but ends up being spotted by a nearby gemling. Dob finds a stick in the bushes and puts it in his pants to feel more a part of the group. The group launches an attack on the gnomes by using their classic totem throw strategy. Dob throws Emit, who while enlarged by Belladona, throws SK, who bearzerks while being thrown. Sadly the bearzerk fails. Dob blinks closer to the battle and charms one of the gnomes.

Belladona blinks into range of the gnome enemies and in a great show of power, punches a gnome twice with a fist full of lightning, and punches a hole right through his skull, killing him. Belladona blinks once again towards the forest edge and shoots her crossbow at one of the gnomes. Emit attempts to grab one of the gnomes and throw him into the fire, but misses and grabs the dead gnome instead. SK tries to doublefrost another gnome, but does not impact them fully. The charmed gnome walks into the fire and then brings a flame to Dob to lite his stick on fire. SK uses his wellforn ruby to ram into a gnome, pushing him into the fire, and is able to do so without any harm to himself. Dob begins to run at a gnome distracting him completely with his burning stick. At this point three of the gnomes are engulfed in flames, and try their best to put it out. The gnome closest to Emit enlarges and attacks him, but Emit is barely affected. Emit then tosses the enlarged gnome onto the campfire putting it out. SK attempts to hit the enlarged gnome with doublefrost, but misses and hit's the smaller gnome next to him. SK tries to headbutt the enlarged gnome, but instead hits Dob in the back, breaking and putting out his firestick. Belladona attempts to cast enlarge on the fire, but accidentally hits the smaller gnome. In anger, Dob attempts to punch the gnome in front of him, but fails. Then Dob commands his charmed gnome to attack one of the other gnomes.

An enlarged gnome begins to shake the tree with Belladona in it, but she blinks out of the way and attempts to punch him with mage fist, but fails. One of the large gnomes attempts seismic slam SK, but what would have been a killing blow is prevented by Emit, through his use of chivalry. Emit is then thrown back into the fire, taking massive damage, but is able to protect SK from dying. A gnome stabs Gob to deal some damage to him. Belladona blinks back once again and fires her crossbow into an enlarged gnome, and knocks him on top of Emit, knocking the gnome unconscious. Emit grabs the dead gnome and tosses him at the other enlarged gnome. Emit then jumps out of the fire to stop, drop, and roll. Belladona enlarges Dob's bag of rocks so that he can do increased damage to the gnome enemies, and in turn Dob fires his slingshot at the enlarged gnome. This gnome falls unconscious from the rock. SK attacks one of the remaining gnomes with doublefrost, but cuts off his nine toes by accident, knocking him unconscious. SK then moves up to Emit and slaps him on the ass. The last gnome attempts to run away, but Belladona begins to blink as close as she can to him. She then tackles him and knocks him unconscious. The charmed gnome turns out to actually be a pork in disguise named Job. SK recommends that the group chop off Job's arms so that he can't kill them. SK then fails to bearzerk and while Emit is grabbing Job, he turns to stone. SK chops off the right arm and Dob tries to cauterize the wound, but seals the arm closed with the stick still in it. Belladona searches around the camp and finds the dull blade of a sword without the handle. Dob then tries to cauterize the other arm, but does so before it is cut off. Instead, he sticks the leafy branch up Job's nose. Then SK, attempting to finish the job, finishes Job by cutting his head off. Dob unknowingly, fits his dick stick into the head socket and fits it perfectly on Job's neck.

After the fight with the gnomes, the group finds a couple of new treasures. Emit buys a Dwarven Runeblade, Dob buys a Blood Drinker, and SK buys a Proudmoore Staff. The group heads through the forest and by now it is night. They hear some wolf howls in the distance. Belladona tells the group that the noise was nothing to worry about. They continue walking through the forest until the group is surprised by a group of black and white wolves. One of the white wolves jumps out towards Belladona and tosses her into the pack. The black wolf jumps in front of SK and howls. Suddenly, SK feels like he can only attack that specific black wolf. Two of the other wolves attempt bite Belladona, but only one hits. One of the black wolves howls, but Belladona doesn't believe that howl is real, so she is immune. Finally, one more white wolf bites Belladona. Dob blinks into the pack and is successfully able to charm one of the black wolves. Emit and SK do the "Uncle Phil" by having Emit toss SK at one of the black wolves. SK slams into the black wolf and then uses double frost and cuts off his ear. SK double frosts once again, and notices that when he knocked the wolf from under the branch, its fur started to glisten. He then uses his Proudmoore Staff twice and summons four ice minions. Dob's charmed wolf howls at one of the black wolves and gets his attention. Belladona shoots the white wolf next to her, moves swiftly behind Emit, and the uses SK's Proudmoore Staff to summon minions. The ice minions begin to punch the black wolf, but it seems to do nothing, while the one's summoned by Belladona begin to attack one of the white wolves. Two of the wolves attack Dob, tossing and biting him into the forest. The wolf attacking SK uses a swipe attack to destroy two of the minions. Finally, Belladona uses Sk's Proudmoore Staff to summon two more minions.

Dob comes up with a great idea to counter the moonlight strengthening the wolves. He blinks up into the branches, enlarges his bacon blanket, and drapes it over the trees covering the area from moonlight. Sk attacks a nearby black wolf with doublefrost, slams it down killing it with one axe, and cutting off its head with the other. Belladona uses her crossbow on a nearby white wolf, knocking him back. Emit moves closer to a pair of white wolves and hits one with his dwarven runeblade. Dob makes his charmed wolf step into the moonlight. The ice minions go to attack the wolves, but the wolves are able to dodge and kill all o them. They run after Belladona, but she is able to blink away in time. She then attempts to enlarge Emit, but misses and enlarges a ladybug in a tree. Two white wolves howl at both Emit and Belladona taunting them. One of the white wolves jumps up onto the treeline and attempts to throw Emit onto the blanket, but fails. SK uses his Proudmoore Staff and makes two ice elementals appear. Belladona Blinks and Mage Fists towards the taunted wolf, damaging him. SK doublefrosts one white wolf and Belladonnna atttempts to Mage Fist an white wolf, but hits an ice elemental instead. Dob leaps off off the tree and pile drives the wolf into the ground. The charmed wolf attacks the now belly up white wolf and deals even more damage. Emit attempts to hit a black wolf with his Dwarven Runeblade, but slices Belladona by accident. Belladona offensively blinks behind a wolf, punching it. The wolf turns around and Belladona punches the wolf in the face. Then the wolf attacks Belladona and critically injures her. The black wolf near Emit picks him up, and slams him on the ground, and when Emit tries to counter attack the wolf, he cuts himself in the leg. SK summons four more ice elementals with his Proudmoore Staff. Belladona takes a swig from Emit's Holy Canteen to revive life. SK doublefrosts a white wolf knocking it unconscious. Emit tosses the black wolf into the white wolf, and the white wolf goes flying into the underbrush, going unconscious. Belladona attacks the black wolf with her mage fist and re-positions next to Emit. Dob attacks the white wolf that is on the ground with his Blood Drinker and the dagger is dug in so deep that it is pinned into the ground. The charmed wolf attempts to attack the pinned wolf, but fails.

Lore Introduced[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign play out.
  • All characters listed above are introduced.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Blood Snake Queen, and Ladybug.

Minor Lore[edit]

Timeline Placement[edit]

  • As with all campaigns, this takes place after The Senate of Deadlantis Acts 2 and 3.
  • The final combat encounter of The Blood Snake Queen takes place at the same time as the second combat encounter of Okagnoma Guild Hall. The rest of Okagnoma Guild Hall takes place after the end of Blood Snake Queen.
    • In Okagnoma Guild Hall, many characters reference Boyfriend Quest, connecting The Sunswords and Okagnoma Guild Hall. By extension, Sunswords must predate Blood Snake Queen.

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Feb 28, 2016
Episode 1 Feb 29, 2016
Episode 2 Mar 1, 2016
Episode 3 Mar 2, 2016
Episode 4 Mar 3, 2016
Episode 5 Mar 4, 2016
Episode 6 Mar 5, 2016
Episode 7 Mar 6, 2016
Finale - Episode 8 Mar 7, 2016
Behind the Scenes Mar 8, 2016
Campaign Playlist


  • This is the first campaign to feature the updated combat system, with shields, companions, and the removal of specific player turns.
  • This is the first campaign to feature a guest, Millbee, and the first to not feature one of the original 5, Justin.
  • This was the first campaign where the party encountered the boss and proceeded to leave, rather than fight it.