The Cobblers

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This article is about the Season 2 Campaign. For the Elven Family, see List of Organizations#Cobbler Family.

"The Cobblers"
Original Air Date: July 30th, 2016
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The Cobblers is the fourth campaign of URealms Live Season 2, and was originally planed to be aired on July 23rd, 2016, however it was pushed to July 30th, 2016 due to complications. The campaign features Borris Cobbler and his family. Borris Cobbler is a simple man with a complicated responsibility and even more complicated family. He has come to Chossals, a small Dwarven town that has been having problems with some Goblins over the last few months. The Cobblers are notorious throughout the realms as being the best gobo exterminators, but Borris has really never fit in. He is haunted by dreams and visions he cannot fully understand.



Character Race Class Player
Beautressa Cobbler Icon.png Beautressa Cobbler Elf Wizard Coestar
Borris Cobbler Icon.png Borris Cobbler Elf Dreamweaver Roamin
Eliza Cobbler Icon.png Eliza Cobbler Elf Runemaster Deadbones
Kristy Cobbler Icon.png Kristy Cobbler Elf Thane Justin


Character Race Class
Grumsworth Icon.png Grumsworth Ogre
Reginald Barringster Icon.png Reginald Barringster III Elf Wizard
Bear Icon.png Bourbon Low Bear
Fabs Icon.png Fabs the Hobgob Darken Hobgoblin
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png King Rohbear Leomaris Elf
Layla Icon.png Divine Child Layla Divine Being
King Dundinborough Icon.png King Dundinborough Dwarf
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Elf Paladin

Battle Encounters[edit]


Supporter Events[edit]

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Card Quests[edit]

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries

Hobgobs Darken Hobgob

Fabs the Hobgob

Darken Hobgob

Fabs the Hobgob

Tick Tock River Tick River Goblins





Gobo Hunt Ageless Goblins Fleshweavers Arcane Particle Cannon
Legion Legion Divine Child Anthahall Master Tamer's Handbook

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jul 22, 2016
Episode 1 Jul 31, 2016
Episode 2 Jul 31, 2016
Episode 3 Jul 31, 2016
Episode 4 Aug 1, 2016
Episode 5 Aug 1, 2016
Episode 6 Aug 1, 2016
Episode 7 Aug 2, 2016
Episode 8 Aug 2, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 Aug 2, 2016
Behind the Scenes Aug 5, 2016
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  • Deadbones and Justin managed to roll four 20s in a consecutive row, with Deadbones rolling three simultaneously and Justin rolling one.
  • It was the prequel for The Death of Virgo but it could have been played as the sequel for the death of Virgo if they killed Reginald before they met the boss.
  • This is the 6th Campaign to have all of its Supporter Events funded.