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This is a selection of Quotes from The Death of Virgo.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "It can see now!"
- Deadbones ironically using a chipper to tone to describe the terrifying boss the party is facing.

Ghana Ens Sin[edit]

  • "A bigger trunk means more suck."
- Coe talking about how enlarging the Elaphelk to attack the Flesh Monstrosity is a good idea.

Nathaniel Granger[edit]

  • "Nothing happened."
- Nathaniel's default response whenever his wife's loyalty is called into question.


Virgo Sunsword[edit]

  • "I may be a shithead, but Virgo isn't."
- Rob discussing how he and Virgo differ.
  • "Puddle this man."
- The Party deciding what to do with Smiggons

NPC Quotes[edit]

Reginald Barringster III[edit]


  • "Oh no, they're still alive. Mostly...."
- Smiggons eluding to the monstrosity he created.


Virgo: "What about the Towns People?"
Todd: "Uh, you know what? You can have them back. You can have them all back!"
- An exchange between Todd and Virgo as the Fleshweaver Gnomes flee and the Flesh Monstrosity is unleashed.