The Elven Families

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The Elven Families

Virgo Sunsword Philhipe Beheading Cutscene.png
Members Leomaris, Sunsword, Draughwin, Azveltara, Lotus, Rendomarr, and Tarcial'Embeart Families
Status Active
First Appearance Band of Thieves

The Elven Families are a group of Elves that are part of a council. Each of these families also have Sister Families that are a part of them. Many of these families have their own military presence, and may control over many different regions.

The Families[edit]

Main Families
Leomaris Family Sunsword Family Azveltara Family Lotus Family
Rulers of the Elves
Leomaris Family
Blades of the Realm
Sunsword Family
Wardens of the Realm
Azveltara Family
Unknown Title
Lotus Family
Draughwin Family Tigriel Icon.png Tarcial'Embeart Family
Feathers of the Realm
Draughwin Family
Unknown Title
Unknown Family
Unknown Title
Tarcial'Embeart Family
Sister Families
Barringster Family Gandolin Family Cobbler Family Squishwitz Family
Barringster Family
Sister of the Sunswords
Gandolin Family
Sister of the Leomaris
Cobbler Family
Sister of the Leomaris
Squishwitz Family
Sister of the Azveltarians


The Ironstone Accords[edit]

A Treaty between Elves and Dwarves that prohibits the killing of the two races, however this treaty does not prohibit the killing of Dwelves which proves to be a problem for the Gandolin Family.

The Sunswords[edit]

The Sunswords are one of the many Elven Elder Families of nobility that have been around since The Hatching. Led by legendary Virgo Sunsword, the family has been tasked by the Rainbow Convocation to lead the effort in watching over Dragon Aspect Golestandt and the mining of it's precious scales. Watching over Golestandt has not been an easy task over the years as the Dragon usually only stays in one place for a few decades and over time other factions have learned about the power of it's scales. Virgo has gone through great lengths to hide the Dragon from the world, but keeping a giant Dragon a secret has become nearly impossible.

Dalfgan and the Sun Keys[edit]

The Sunswords hold captive a powerful two-headed Ogre named Dalfgan who is capable of casting creation magic. In order to open Dalfgan's cell, which is sealed with creation magic and located in Alevasorin, one must get the Sun Keys held by Virgo Sunsword, Gwyneth Sunsword, Galen Sunsword, Sierra Sunsword, Kolvar Sunsword, Fox Sunsword, Merith Sunsword, and Leopold Sunsword-Barringster. An incantation that only Virgo knows must then be recited in order to enter the Realm of Shadows where Dalfgan is held.


Young Elves undergo a ceremony in which they come of age and are from then on treated as adults. Elves have been seen to have massive gatherings to celebrate this event, and some of them invite many wealthy and famous guests. To fully complete their ascension, the young Elf must repeat the sonnet known as the 'Song of Dragons':

These words I echo are older than time.
My path to be reborn, my death to be defined.

I will train my body, I will focus my mind.
I will master the Light, I will always be kind.

This life is a gift, not given by the gods,
But born from our emotions, against all the odds.

I choose this path, and I choose this right.
The only choice left is to choose the night.

Uncategorised Families[edit]

  • Bates
  • Briggs
  • Chan
  • Condu
  • Daniels
  • Davidson
  • Drocha
  • Granger
  • Hardbody
  • Hardrock (Dwelf)
  • Jameson
  • Kriel
  • Limboratti
  • Maeda
  • McAss
  • McGitch (Dwelf)
  • Nada
  • Nailo
  • Rell
  • Saysong
  • Sintour
  • Snot
  • Vemtari (Dwelf)
  • Vinisto
  • Weiss
  • Xhir't


  • The Draughwin family are experts at Dark Magic. [1]
  • The Rainbow Convocation may be another term for these families. [2]
  • The Draughwin family also make fireproof blankets.