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This is a selection of Quotes from The Fall of Dundinborough.

Player Quotes[edit]



  • "Well guess what, in this world, it is. Boom, put that on the Wiki!"
- Roamin when speaking about misters and mistresses.

Jeanie Jaredson[edit]

  • "It's Augment: it's not THAT dangerous!"
- Jeanie shortly before her augmented arrows killed her.


  • "5 Laps? (Groan)"
- When trying to impress the Prince.


  • "Oh my god! They're in the walls! Game Over!"
- When Bearo realizes the Ageless are breaking through the walls to get to them.
  • "Fire is just another fuel for our drinks!"
- When Bearo Mark of Explosion Jumps with Jeanie to the other side of the room.

James Briggs[edit]

  • "OH. MY. GOD."
- When the Ageless start attacking the kingdom.

NPC Quotes[edit]