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This article is about the leader of the Grand Paladin Order. For other uses, see Grand Paladin Order (Disambiguation).

The Grand Paladin is the leader of the Grand Paladin Order and a mortal conduit of all Light magic, holding the light of Ouro'ras within their body. The original holder of the light was Thor, who passed it along to Bruce Willakers, who then turned the role into the Grand Paladin title. The current Grand Paladin is Gwyneth Sunsword.

Known Grand Paladins[edit]

Other Holders of the Eternal Flame[edit]



When Ouro'ras left the physical plane of the Realm, he imparted the Eternal Flame unto his son, the Divine Child Thor. After sometime, Thor then passed on the spirit to one of his own creations, the Dwarven King Bruce Willakers. Being the first, Bruce's spirit seems intact, and served as the conduit of all Light Magic in the realm.

The Lightbeards[edit]

King Willakers, having held the Eternal Flame and the position of Grand Paladin for some time now, has spent his duties hunting down the rogue Ageless thralls that blight the Dwarven Kingdoms. When defending his own Kingdom, he runs into a young Virgo Sunsword, the Blade of the Realm. The two become close friends, and even find each other to be like family, over several adventures as the two's families grew close as the Paladin Order grew. During this time, a holiday was held known as Grand Paladin Day, which was made to celebrate the Light and the current Grand Paladin.

Thor eventually, in a drunken stupor, demanded to take the Light back, which would result in the death of Bruce Willakers. Willakers and his Allies fought against the Divine Being, only being rescued by the Ascended Virendra Willakers, allowing Bruce to survive as the Grand Paladin.

The Last Beenu[edit]

Bruce Willakers was eventually beheaded by the legendary assassin Ghostblade, resulting in a void of the Light. Bruce had informed Virgo on the proccess of becoming the next Grand Paladin by using the Final Gift spell. Knowing that the process will cause Virgo as he is now to cease to exist, and he will becoming a host for the spirit of the Grand Paladin, Virgo accepted the ritual and became the second Grand Paladin. This caused the Grand Paladin spirit to become a fusion of Virgo and Bruce Willakers.

The Skeleton King[edit]

While confronting Bopen the Skeleton King, Virgo Sunsword, the Grand Paladin at the time, tells him that he can't kill what he is, alluding to the fact that his Grand Paladin spirit will live on. After taunting and battling with Virgo some more, Bopen decapitates Virgo, killing him.

The Grand Paladin Order[edit]

Upon arriving in Kaddoral, Gwyneth Sunsword is told by her brother, Galen Sunsword that the Grand Paladin's flame has gone out, alerting them to Virgo's death. Lance Willakers tells Galen that he is to become the next Grand Paladin, but after the Ageless attack on the headquarters, Galen decides that he is better suited to serve in Virgo's place on the Elven Council, the Mana Arc, and so Gwyneth Sunsword is chosen to become the next Grand Paladin.

The Purge[edit]

Gwyneth Sunsword, now the Grand Paladin, orders the removal of the ceasefire against civilized Ageless, resulting in the massacre of many innocent Ageless, and the raiding of many previously Ageless-friendly towns, such as Reldawin.

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator[edit]

Galen Sunsword receives an angry letter from his sister Gwyneth, stating that she couldn't believe how selfish he was, knowing that going through the process of becoming the Grand Paladin results in the destruction of your body, and yet he still let Gwyneth go through with it. Galen contemplates how he could have let this betrayal of his sister's trust happen, before he declares that he didn't really make the choice.