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Player Quotes[edit]


"Did you really make a fidget spinner... DID YOU REALLY MAKE IT SPIN?!? HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!"

-Rob to Coe in shock at Coe's skills at Puppet Pals.

Tania Grayson[edit]

Wolster Vemtari[edit]

Fjord Stormstick[edit]



Lance Willakers[edit]

"But first I have a task for you. I need you to fetch the water, Fetchthewater."

-Lance giving a task to Fetchthewater.

Gwyneth Sunsword[edit]

Kallark Gandolin[edit]

Alessa Stonemason[edit]

Heathera Stonemason[edit]

Vitali Zankovich[edit]

Mikael Zankovich[edit]



Roamin introducing his character:

Roamin: "She kinda finds this person who...seems to be an authoritative figure, is essentially the best way to put it."
Rob: "You making a daddy's girl Roamin? Is that what's going on?"
Roamin: "Woah, no, woah. Authoritative Figure."
Rob: "Oh that's good, it could be a female. Is it a female?"
Roamin: "It is not a female."