Douglas Oggo

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Douglas Oggo
Douglas Oggo GSPI Puppet.png
AffiliationQuintara Lotus
Campaigns Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator
SeasonsSeason Three

The Great Pot Puppy Master Douglas Oggo also known as The Great Pupper Doggo, is a Wizard who climbed to the top of the The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and created Floor 9.

Floor 9

Pot Puppies[edit]

Fenrus BOT Puppet.png

These Pot Puppies have the ability of any chess piece and were designed to confuse the players. If any of the Pawns were to make it to the other side of the Chess Board, they would become one of the three special dogs.

Stone Tail KHH Puppet.png

These Pot Puppies are like Kings as they can only move one space per turn, but they can instantly death roll a player.

Doggo Summoner.png

These Pot Puppies can summon more Pawns per turn.

Doggo Rook.png

These Pot Puppies function like Rooks as they can only move in a straight line per turn and cause a death roll upon contact.

Doggo Teleport.png

These Pot Puppies would teleport you to the first floor upon contact.