The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

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Season 1
Air Date: June 13th, 2015
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
Porc Hunters
The Many Gobos of Pat

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles is the third official Campaign of URealms Live, which aired on June 13th, 2015. Coestar played the pirate captain of the Bocoe, sailing across The Drink to discover a possibly valuable gem.



Character Race Class Player
Jo Krysstal Icon.png Jo Krysstal Kobold Booty Raider Justin
Kinney Boots Icon.png Kinney Boots Kobold Swashbuckler Deadbones
McCoy Icon.png First Mate McCoy Porc Swashbuckler Roamin
Merci Icon.png Captain Merci Porc Buccaneer Coestar


Character Race Class
Octivias Icon.png Octivias Black Boar Lumberjack
Jakelad Icon.png Jakelad Porc Bard

Battle Encounters[edit]

Plot Summary[edit]

Captain Merci of the Bocoe is told by Nisovin to follow a map to find a precious treasure and bring it to him. If it is found to be valuable to Nisovin, he may reward the crew generously.

As the crew are on their course sailing in The Drink, a large flock of Harpies fly onto the ship, hoping to get some of the crew's fish yogurt. As the crew begins to slay the Harpies, an EagleBear also flies onto the ship in pursuit of the fish yogurt. Octivias is mysteriously thrown overboard into the Glamourshark-infested water, and starts to drown. Merci, buckled to Kinney Boots on the Bocoe's deck, rappels to the water and Octivias grabs on. They are pulled to safely back on deck by Kinney, who later finds a bottle of Winechestors Finest. During the fight, McCoy tries to steer the ship and defeats the Harpies at the Bocoe's rear, and Jo Krysstal clears many of the rest. The EagleBear is quickly attacked and weakened, and tries to fly away, but passes out into the water. Jo, Kinney, and Merci help Jakelad clear out the remaining Harpies below deck. Some Harpies were able to steal a few items, and Jakelad has run out of fish yogurt.

Soon after the crew reorganizes, the crew hears noises they believe to be ghosts. Their source is revealed to be a massive monster known as the Behemoth, also likely attracted to the fish soup. Remaining submerged and not visible, it shoots out four large tentacles from the water, surrounding the ship. Kinney and Jo load the cannons to blow the tentacles away, while the tentacles attempt to hold onto Merci and the crew. Suddenly, Jakelad reveals he is part of the Cult of Bones and worships the Behemoth, apparently named Colin. He intends to sacrifice himself and the rest of the crew to the Behemoth, and starts by stabbing Octivias. Meanwhile, the Behemoth starts stealing crates with supplies from the deck of the Bocoe, but cannon shots cause it to drop them. A tentacle pulls off McCoy's right arm, but he is blessed by the Cult of Bones with a versatile tentacle arm of his own. The tentacles also begin ripping out cannons and rocking the boat. Assisted by the crew, Kinney aggressively hunts down Jakelad to the deck, kills him with a mace to the head, and throws his body overboard, but she loses her Winechestors Finest. Octivias falls overboard again from the boat's rocking, though he is more quickly pulled up this time thanks to McCoy's new tentacle arm. The Behemoth soon retreats when all but one of its tentacles is blown to bits.

The Bocoe lands on The Dingo Isles, with a temple containing the jewel in the small island's center. On the beach, the crew members come across several statues and skeletons that do nothing, but the crew stays on guard nonetheless. After proceeding into the dark temple, two statues trap them in. They find some treasure in chests just inside the entrance, and Jo and McCoy try to sneak past the statues, to no avail. After walking past an empty room, Jo grapples ahead into a room with grates covering the floor, and a reinforced steel door on its far side.

When everybody enters, a line of fire spews from the grates, blocking the entrance and spreading towards the far wall. The crew and Jo's spawned apparitions start focusing their attacks on the door. All of a sudden, a basket with three Pot Puppies drops from the ceiling, and a dozen aggressive skeletons appear that try to protect them. The crew juggles attacking the door and rescuing the puppies from the skeletons and the fire, all while the fire progresses slowly. Jo unintentionally finds Kinney's Winechestors Finest in her coat, where it was all along, and immediately destroys it for a Golden Shot. Despite using various dangerous abilities to grab and pass the puppies, and dropping them on the grates a few times, the crew doesn't harm the puppies and manages to defeat all of the skeletons. They break through the door in time and sprint through.

A giant skeleton stands before the crew, and the jewel sits on a pedestal beyond it. McCoy's map advises them that it will only let those of pure honor and virtue take the jewel. McCoy successfully takes it, and the skeleton exits into a chamber full of gold that is quickly sealed. The greedy Jo is mesmerized, but the jewel snaps him out of it, confirming that it is more valuable than the treasure in the chamber. The crew and their newly adopted puppies get back to the Bocoe without incident.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All of the characters listed above are introduced.
  • The following beast species are introduced: Fish, Harpy, Glamourshark, Behemoth, and Pot Puppy.
  • Colin the Behemoth is introduced.
  • The Cult of Bones is introduced. (As seen with Jakelad)
  • The Bocoe is introduced.
  • The Dingo Isles are introduced.
  • Jakelad dies.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • Fish Yogurt is introduced.
  • Sentient Skeletons are introduced. It is not clear if they are Ageless or not.

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jun 12, 2015
Episode 1 Jun 14, 2015
Episode 2 Jun 14, 2015
Episode 3 Jun 15, 2015
Episode 4 Jun 15, 2015
Episode 5 Jun 16, 2015
Episode 6 Jun 16, 2015
Episode 7 Jun 17, 2015
Episode 8 Jun 17, 2015
Episode 9 Jun 18, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jun 18, 2015
Behind the Scenes Jun 19, 2015
Campaign Playlist

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Supporter Events[edit]

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  • This campaign marked the first appearance of Accessory cards.
  • Rob's theme for the campaign was "no tricks", though he mentioned that the Pot Puppies were fire immune, and would have become fire puppies that attack the crew if exposed to fire.
    • This fact later resurfaces and becomes canon in The Sunswords.
    • No tricks has become a reoccurring joke due to the absurdity of the situation.
      • It is shown that Nisovin was going to double cross them with a much larger boat, but the show ran too late and it ends with Rob just showing and saying it was going to happen.