The Many Gobos of Pat

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Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!

Season 1
Air Date: June 27th, 2015
The Many Gobos of Pat
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
The Sunswords

The Many Gobos of Pat was the fourth official Campaign of URealms Live, which aired on June 27th, 2015. The leader for this campaign was Roamin, playing as a pair of conjoined twin goblins along with their siblings, under the care of an enigmatic elf. In Okagnoma Guild Hall it was confirmed that this campaign is a fictional book.



Character Race Class Player
Dankie Icon.png Dankie Hobgoblin Booty Raider Coestar
Desnuttes Icon.png Desnuttes Hobgoblin Wizard Justin
Donkey Icon.png Don Key Donkey Coestar
Madelyne Icon.png Madelyne Goblin Lumberjack Deadbones
Pryor Icon.png Pryor Goblin Monk Deadbones
Terrence and Warren Icon.png Terrence Goblin Booty Raider Roamin
Terrence and Warren Icon.png Warren Goblin Theurgist Roamin


Character Race Class
Pattenborrow Threecircle Icon.png Pattenborrow Threecircle Elf Paladin
Willis Icon.png Willis Dwarf Paladin
Heatherfol Threecircle Icon.png Heatherfol Threecircle Medusa

Battle Encounters[edit]

Plot Summary[edit]

A group of five goblins were adopted as children by Pattenborrow Threecircle, the Elf Paladin. Pryor, the father of Madelyne, also lives with the group. On the anniversary of their adoption, which they treat as their birthday, the six goblins (and Madelyne's pet wolf, Scott) are all at Pat's home. Warren has his conjoined twin, Terrence, ask for presents from Pat. They find Pat meditating with Desnuttes, who is supposedly training to have Pat "inside" him. The family gathers to give out presents, including a crystal flatscreen that Dankie switches to a nude K4 being given a backrub by a giant monkey fish. Pat gets upset with this view and his burnt cookies, and stops giving gifts out.

As the family gathers again to sing songs, the home is raided by four Dwarf Paladins, led by Willis, who are looking for Pat. Willis declares that it is illegal for goblins to exist, and Pryor is slammed into a wall. Though Dankie tries to hide under a chair from the dwarves, Pat and the rest begin attacking them. Ramster and dwarf reinforcements bust through the walls, and Pat tells the goblins to head upstairs. He pulls Desnuttes aside to give him his necklace, which makes its wearer immune to magic. Dankie keeps mounting ramsters, and Terrence loses his left eye to broken glass. Downstairs by himself, Pat resists the dwarves' attacks until he is beheaded in front of Pryor and Terrence. Willis explains to Pryor that Pat abandoned and stole from their paladin order. The goblins are then all knocked unconscious.

The goblins wake up in a Paladin Arena, where they are forced by the dwarves to partake in gladiator-style battles, for their crime of existing. Pryor's experience tells him that the dwarves' behavior is very strange. Before entering the arena, they talk with a group of Kobolds that give false info about their first battle with two Elaphelk. When the goblins come out, Willis announces the 34th Pit of Challenges, and makes unusual remarks about his confusion with the situation. In the first battle, the elaphelks use Earthquake, which permanently creates some rough terrain for future matches. Dankie again tries to mount each of the elaphelk repeatedly, with only mild success. After the goblins deal some considerable damage, armor falls from the sky and lands on the elaphelks' backs. In addition to doubling their stamina, the armor absorbs spells and reflects them back after a delay, which the goblins are not aware of. A momma elaphelk joins the fight, but all three are eventually defeated.

Back in the holding cell the next day, Madelyne charms a rat she calls Summer, trying to recuperate from Scott's apparent death. The Greenskin goblins listen in on Dankie's twin, an undeveloped but conscious fetus within his body. The goblins briefly speak to a trash-talking female elf, who they will face in the third battle. In their second arena fight, however, they face the six kobolds that they met yesterday. They begin wielding a third weapon in their mouths to triple attack, and bribe two groundbolds to their side. Dankie rushes into battle, but is wounded from the fight and is quickly knocked out, as Summer is slain. He later dies when the crowd throws a donkey on him from the stands, causing Madelyne to break down and cry. After the party defeats the kobolds and groundbolds with the donkey's help, they discover that it is sentient and names it Don.

The final arena battle pits the goblins against the female elf they saw earlier, who is revealed to be Heatherfol Threecircle, the daughter of Pat. Before the fight commences, they talk with Heatherfol to formulate a plan to avoid having to kill each other. They decide to attack Willis by using Pat's necklace to pass through the arena's magical barrier. Heatherfol pleads to take the necklace and carry this out, but Pat had told Desnuttes never to give it up. Heatherfol holds back on the goblins, but Willis forces combat by sending out junkie elves that start attacking her. Meanwhile, Desnuttes rides up a Force Pillar and throws Willis into the arena. The remaining dwarves jump down to fight and Willis calls upon dozens of paladin reinforcements. After feeling some strange touches, Desnuttes hears the voice of Pat, telling him to destroy the necklace. Right before Desnuttes is about to throw it on the ground, the voice tells him to crush it in his hand instead.

Desnuttes does, and Pat gains the ability to act through Desnuttes' body. Pat also communicates to the goblins that Heatherfol is not his real daughter. The impostor immediately reverts to her true form of Medusa. She had been mind-controlling the dwarves the entire time, and pretended to be Pat's daughter in the hopes of getting Pat's powerful necklace. The goblins were incapable of being controlled themselves. Medusa also mind-controls Don and brings him to her side permanently. The goblins alone now fight Don, Medusa, the still-obedient dwarves and paladins who heal Medusa, though they focus on damaging Medusa. In the end, Terrence finishes her off with a Golden Shot, releasing everyone from her mind control. The freed Willis is confused and distraught after years of being under Medusa's spell, having been forced to kill magic-resistant elves. Don stays behind to continue running the arena, and Madelyne finally offers Terrence a kiss that is mediocre for Madelyne.

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jun 19, 2015
Episode 1 Jun 28, 2015
Episode 2 Jun 28, 2015
Episode 3 Jun 29, 2015
Episode 4 Jun 29, 2015
Episode 5 Jun 30, 2015
Episode 6 Jun 30, 2015
Episode 7 Jul 1, 2015
Episode 8 Jul 1, 2015
Episode 9 Jul 2, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jul 2, 2015
Behind the Scenes Jul 3, 2015
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  • This campaign was originally going to air on June 20th, but was delayed a week to work on its quality.
  • Dankie was the first party member to die in a URealms Live campaign.
  • The campaign was noticeably affected by "The Curse of K4". After the party saw K4 on a crystal flatscreen, the number 4 seemed to be rolled an unusual number of times. In the final encounter, the number 4 was rolled 10 times in just 60 rolls.
  • The campaign became non-canon in Okagnoma Guild Hall, where it was revealed it was a fictional story within the URealms Universe. This is the first Campaign to become Non-Canon.
    • According to Roamin in the aforementioned campaign, the purpose behind the story was to "generate ticket revenue".