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This is a selection of Quotes from The Many Gobos of Pat.

Player Quotes[edit]




  • "Madelyne! Guess what?! We both have holes I wanna fill now!"
- After losing one of his eyes.


  • "Like I said; we don't want any!"
- To Willis after they have taken Pattenborrow's home.



  • "What?"
- Desnutes is absent minded because he's tripping on swammies.


  • "We're only supposed to run upstairs if there's a fire."
- Dankie describing their escape plan.
  • "I don't stink so."
- Dankie not wanting to work with a Kobold that he thinks is a dwarf.
  • "Sneak attack on this dwarf from behind!"
- Dankie trying to attack a Kobold.
  • "Eeh-haw."
- Coe expressing his feelings on having the first character death in the series.

NPC Quotes[edit]

  • "I don't think so."
- Pattenborrow Threecircle
  • "I don't think so."
- Willis.
  • "There will come a day when you need me inside of you."
- Pattenborrow Threecircle


Warren: "Hey Madelyne, it's Warren."
Terrence: "And Terrence!"
Madelyne: "What do you want, Warren?"
Terrence: "And Terrence!!"
Madelyne: [Annoyed] "What do you want, Warren?"
- When Warren is going to convince Madelyne to come downstairs.