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This is a selection of Quotes from The New Crew.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "Multihanguel"
- Rob talking about Elven hand dominance.

Rick Snot[edit]

  • "Ahem!"
- Rick changing the outcome of rolls.
  • "DELETED!!"
- When casting arcane beam point blank into a sun clerics face.


  • "I mean, How do you explain the idea of loudness to him?"
- Referring to Polo's tendency to shout.


  • "Marco, you should duck."
- Shortly after Marco, unable to see and dodge the attack, gets hit by Cain's Whirlwind.
  • "I think they're trying to hump each other!"
- After Cain attempts to climb on Jo Krysstal's shoulders.


  • "Young lady, will you climb into my mouth?"
- Cain trying to trick Ladyir into be eaten.
  • "We don't have butts to punch. We're unbeatable!"
- Cain thinking he has won in the URealms game the crew plays.
  • "I'll eat their arms anyways! They can't stop me... I AM THE HOGERNAUT!"
- Cain when told the enemies wouldn't let him eat their arms.
  • "Longswords they do lot... th-the-they-they're damaging. "
- Cain in shock that the Sunclerics are dealing 10 damage each.
  • "He's human, we can kill him!!!"
- Cain exclaims when Virgo Sunsword rolls a one.


NPC Quotes[edit]


"I was going to make dog yoghurt."

- Octivias trying to make McCoy something new.


"Sounds like a shitty version of DnD!"

- Maelstrom when he is asked to play URealms with some of the crew.


"Porcs don't believe in adoption."

- McCoy when asked if Phineas would be his adopted porc-dad.