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Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!
Air Date: March 15, 2015
The Nuren Campaign
Band of Thieves

The Nuren Campaign is the pilot campaign of URealms Live that aired on March 15, 2015. The goal of the campaign was ultimately to fight a Dragon, but due to the pace at which the party moved, the goal became instead to defeat Bopen the Skeleton Lord. The stream was done partially for the purpose of promoting Jake Kaufman's Nuren kickstarter. [1]


Character Race Class Player
PauseUnpauseGamePiece.pngSir Spankey Themuncay Dwarf Lumberjack PauseUnpause
JakeGamePiece.pngRichard Lored Dwarf Bard Jake
ArinGamePiece.pngPenwar Lockis Dwarf Sorcerer Arin
RoaminGamePiece.pngInky Dwarf Paladin Roamin
DeadbonesGamePiece.pngBlinky Dwarf Seer Deadbones
CoestarGamePiece.pngThanks Dwarf Monk Coestar
JustinGamePiece.pngCawks Stompulous Dwarf Warrior Justin


Character Race Class
Krungore.pngKrungore Ogre Unknown
Bopen drawing.png Bopen Skeleton Necromancer
Coober TUW1 Puppet.pngCoober Unknown Sorcerer
Kormac.pngKormac Unknown Paladin
Nisovin BOT Puppet.pngNisovin Gnome Sorcerer
Randall.pngRandall Nimbus None
Samantha Tile.jpgSamantha Unknown Warrior

Battle Encounters[edit]

Plot Summary[edit]

A family of six brothers and a sister are hired by Nisovin and Kormac to extract the location of an abandoned dragon lair from Bopen the Skeleton Lord after they burn down the local bar during an argument about one of the wenches. However because Sir Spankey Themuncay killed their old dad Mike Jackson for being a pedophile the group immeadiotily adopts Kormac as their father and lovingly call him "New Dad." Penwar Lockis requests a piggy back ride from their New Father who is leading the group, but unfortunately this results in her being supposedly killed by an ambush of skeletons. Soon the group defeats the Skeletons and while Sir Spankey Themuncay tries to follow Kormac in pursuit of the skeletons he discourages this and tells him to guide his remaining brothers further down the path. Afterwards the group discovers that the adjacent room is filled with beautiful mermaids, when they try to talk to them however the mermaids then try to drown the party. However the battle ends with Sir Spankey Themuncay killing several mermaids with a cannonball after being enlarged to twice his normal size by Blinky. Inky casts honor chains on the final two mermaids, binding them to Sir Spankey Themuncay after Richard Lored tells them that Mermaids are indeed valuable. The party turns the corner to discover however that a giant ogre blocks their path. Sir Spankey Themuncay uses his two bound Mermaids to mount the ogre while Blinky and Inky continue to enlarge him. The rest of the party begins smoking mushrooms not noticing Sir Spankey Themuncay reaches down and snaps the whimpering ogres neck.

Episode Guide[edit]

# Title Airdate
00 Campaign Playlist
01 Episode 1: Egoraptor and Jake join the table! Mar 17, 2015
02 Episode 2: Tasty Rainbow Staff Mar 18, 2015
03 Episode 3: Tender Moments With Randall Mar 18, 2015
04 Episode 4: Saving New Dad Mar 19, 2015
05 Episode 5: Playing With Fire Mar 20, 2015
06 Episode 6: The Jumbo Skeleton Mar 21, 2015
07 Episode 7:Dirt Diggers Mar 22, 2015
08 Episode 8: Deceiving the Mermaids Mar 23, 2015
09 Episode 9: Dual Wielding Mermaids Mar 24, 2015
10 Episode 10: Pushing Forward Mar 25, 2015
11 Episode 11: Disappointed Father Mar 26, 2015
12 Episode 12: Blood Tasting Mar 27, 2015
13 Episode 13: The Skeleton Horde Mar 28, 2015
14 Finale - Episode 14: Save Yourselves! Mar 29, 2015
15 Behind the Scenes Mar 18, 2015


  • This was a Trial run and Pilot for UR live.
    • This is the first campaign that was at one point Canon, but has since become Non-Canon.
  • This is the first Campaign to have special guest Arin and Jake.
  • It has been confirmed that Rick Snot actually created this campaign for his own URealms game. Who he played with is unknown.
  • The break music for this campaign was a slowed down version of The Afterblaze, a track in the OST for Mighty Switch Force 2, composed by Jake Kaufman.

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rurikar's Tile album for The Nuren Campaign - Drawn byMeganzoor.