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Player Quotes[edit]


  • "Just like real prayers, it does nothing."
-When GMing Roamin praying.



Percy Bast[edit]

  • "My mom pays my taxes."
-Percy Bast
  • "This is a negotiation here Rob, look you can't just have everything 'cus you're the gamemaster, it's not like that entitles you absolute control or anything."
- Roamin, unhappy that he can't keep his 200 peasant gold.

Nylys Glisk[edit]

NPC Quotes[edit]

Lyssa Bast[edit]

  • "No no no sweetie, it's the tax that gets ya, and it gets me every time."
-Lyssa Bast, referring to how she likes "paying taxes" to the mayor.


  • "Ageless are always trying to trick people, and sometimes they go near beach towns, and they trick children! And they turn the children into ageless, and then they make that child for the rest of its life, throw stones to the bottom of the lake, as some sort of ritual or something."