The Realms

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The Realms

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First Appearance Band of Thieves

The Realms is the world in which URealms Live and Coe's Quest take place.


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The world of The Realms was created during The Great Hatching, when the twin Sun Dragon Gods Phanto and Kallisto hatched from the primordial egg and created a utopian world inhabited by Elves, Beenu, and Highbears, as well as their six children: Golestandt, Yvander, Quintara Lotus, Rokesh, Vlaurunga, and Ouro'ras.

However, Phanto died and became the moon, with Kallisto becoming the sun. This event caused magic to fracture from only Light magic into the six schools of magic: Light, Fire, Earth, Ice, Arcane, and Dark. Golestandt was hit hardest by the loss of his parent and went completely feral as the embodiment of Dark magic. From this point forward, Death entered the world, and the Beenu, unable to reproduce, eventually died out.

Following this event, Thor created various races including the Dwarves, Porcs, Kobolds, Shellmind, and Forn. Goblins were also created by an unknown divine, and Gnomes appeared out of nowhere. Slowly the world entered the current time that the URealms Live and Coe's Quest, are set in.


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There are various races inhabiting The Realms, including Elves, Goblins, Gnomes, Dwarves, Porcs, Kobolds, and Highbears, among many others. Many of these races have their own languages, and there are even language divisions across regions, such as the language of Abracadab and the unique language quirk of Karazeem.


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There are many locations of interest in The Realms, including Zelfatar and The Silvermine Mountains.


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There are various organizations with varying degrees of sway over the Realms, including the Grand Paladin Order and the Guild of Explorers.


The common currency in The Realms is Gold. Gold is made out of magical energy, as revealed in the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign. Considering that the single large jewel obtained in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles was worth more than an entire room full of gold, it is likely that gold simply isn't worth as much as it is in real life, but this might also speak of the pricelessness of the jewel. In Porc Hunters, it was established that there is silver, when Elmar looted 3 Gold and 52 Silver off a deceased Elf. However, Silver has not been mentioned after this. In addition to Gold and Silver, people have also used Jewels, gems, and assorted treasures as monetary wealth, but it is currently unknown how they are represented in the overarching currency.


  • Copyright laws supposedly exist in The Realms, as multiple characters have mentioned copyright.
    • However, it's possible that this is just a joke for the audience and isn't meant to be taken seriously.
  • The closest thing to an internet seen in The Realms thus far is the Magical Forums.
    • Dave is a frequent user of the Magic Forums, and posts his fanfics there.
  • There is a long running joke that Gnomes love insurance.