The Silvermine Mountains

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Season 1
Air Date: September 26th, 2015
The Silvermine Mountains
The New Crew
Guild of Explorers

The Silvermine Mountains is the tenth official Campaign of URealms Live, and it aired on September 26th, 2015. In this campaign, the crew plays as a bunch of criminals imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains. It was the last campaign of the first season.



Character Race Class Player
Khn'n-Rell Icon.png Khn'n-Rell Ageless Elf Warrior Deadbones
Margaret O'Malley Icon.png Margaret O'Malley Ageless Dwarf Theurgist Roamin
Rusty Icon.png Rusty Dvergr Warrior Justin
Trusty Neconni Icon.png Trusty Neconni Keen Bard Coestar


Character Race Class
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Elf Suncleric
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Kallark Gandolin Dwelf Suncleric
Xavius Barringster Icon.png Xavius Barringster Elf Thane
Elmar Icon.png Elmar Elf Wizard
DeNada Icon.png DeNada Ageless Elf Cabalist
Rufio Icon.png Rufio Ageless Elf Sorcerer
Shaneil Icon.png Shaneil Gobolf
Bill Icon.png Bill Ageless Porc
Steve Icon.png Steve Ageless Porc
Rupert Rupert Dwarf
Unter Icon.png Unter Kobold
James James Elf
The Ageless One Icon.png The Ageless One Dragon Aspect

Battle Encounters[edit]

  • Lunch Room Riot
  • Battle in the Breakroom
  • Escape from the Silvermine Mountains


Rusty, Margaret O'Malley (Who is naked for an unknown reason), Khn'n-Rell, and Trusty Neconni are each sentenced to life within the Silvermine Mountains and are escorted by Gwyneth. However Gwyneth is distracted by an argument between Kallark Gandolin and Xavius. Kallark is upset because Xavius refuses to release the Kobold children Unter and Gunter believing them to be prisoners. Gwyneth overhears this and agrees with Kallark, but refuses to release the children seeing that Kallark is still being tormented by Carlos. With the prisoners still outside the room Gwyneth sends Xavius to escort them to their cells while her and Kallark discuss his sanity and the need of their mutual friend Tom. Xavius gives the new prisoners a brief tour, showing them the prison and explaining that it is the source of the elf people's longevity. Xavius leads the prisoners to their respective bunks. Rusty gets a cell with a Gobolf whom he names Shaneil, Khn'n-Rell gets a cell with the clinically insane Rufio, and Trusty gets a cell with Unter. Xavius who believes that Margaret is beautiful, gives him a cell by himself and gave his uniform to Margaret for warmth. Margaret seizes the opportunity, tricks him in his cell and tries to impersonate him. He almost makes it out of the cell block, but is thwarted by Chilly Wizzy and DeNada.

Margaret's nakedness and "strange" name amuse the two Porcs next to his cell. They invite him to join their escape attempt, and subsequently both change their names to Margot and Margie. Unter and Trusty decide to band together and become "Murder Bros." The guards announce that it is meal time and all prisoners file into the cafeteria with the exception of Rufio who is afraid of being stabbed. An unnamed Kobold who wishes to maintain Unter's innocence, begins to choke Trusty threatening to kill him if he convinces Unter to kill for real. However, Trusty then informs the Kobold that it's all for pretend. Khn'n-rell tricks the Porcs into letting him into their secret club and they all begin to formulate ways of escape without much success. Khn'n-rell convinces them that the fish yogurt served for meals can hear their plans which causes them to vomit out their meal and begin attacking guards who had also eaten it. This begins a prison riot.

Chilly Wizzy and DeNada rush in, each taking orders from Corporal Ice Lord. During the brawl, Khn'n-rell steals a long sword from a guard, and Shaneil spills Rusty's food on the floor. This enrages Rusty causing him to throw Shaneil across the room. DeNada casts Blanket of Darkness over the fight, which causes Khn'n-rell to lose his mind momentarily and throw the sword across the room. Margaret summons an unstable Fish Yogurt Elemental. Eager to obliterate this unholy abomination Chill Wizzy shoots a fireball at it but misses and lights the unnamed Kobold ablaze, traumatizing Unter and Trusty sitting nearby. Seeing the fight get out of hand, DeNada summons an Earthlord from the floor to break up the prisoners fighting inside the blanket. Unfortunately, he is distracted by his surroundings, and the spell is ineffective. Instead the Earthlord simply walks through the mist and begins harassing Shaneil. Gwyneth then enters the room, ends the fight, and then sends all the prisoners to bed.

Meanwhile, Kallark is tormented by Carlos, who tells him that the only way left for him to be reunited with Unter and Gunter is to break them out of the prison himself. But in order to do this he needs Gwyneth to gain his trust and put him on guard duty. Kallark is hesitant until the Funk offers to leave him undisturbed during his mission. Gwyneth gathers DeNada, Xavius, and Chilly Wizzy in the library, forgetting that Kallark occupies the couch. She tells the group that the mountain is currently under siege by The Cult of Bones and she is worried that they do not currently have enough guards to watch the prisoners and keep the cult at bay. Seizing the opportunity Kallark offers himself up for duty, claiming the Funk is gone. Gwyneth does not believe him, however she is desperate so she lets Kallark become a guard on the condition that if he does anything crazy, he's out.

The next day the prisoners are out in the yard mining silver. Khn'n-Rell convinces Trusty and Rufio to join the Porcs' secret club. Shaneil overhears this and when they sneak into a secret room they follow close behind. It is revealed that Khn'n-Rell is actually an insurgent working for the cult of bones. He reveals his plan to free everyone from the mines and awaken a "Special Friend" within the mountain. He begins to recruit them to the cult, however Margot points out the Rusty and Shaneil have been eaves dropping. Margie claims that Shaneil will snitch to the guards. This enrages Khn'n-Rell and the entirety of the club begin to slowly surround him. Shaneil tries to flee and alert the guards to no avail. Khn'n-Rell begins to choke the life out of Shaneil as his skin melts off. Shaneil unsuccessfully pleads remorse for his life and when he is nearly unconscious Khn'n-Rell snaps Shaneil's neck and casts him aside. It is revealed that truly devoted members of the cult become skeletons and by extension quasi-immortal. While Rusty was unperturbed by his Gobolf slave's death. he is very disturbed by Khn'n-Rell's recent transformation. He tells Khn'n-Rell that he will help them but will not turn himself into a skeleton. Khn'n-Rell then proceeds to threaten him. He attacks, but Rusty is too quick and reverts to stone form. Khn'n-Rell drops the matter, explaining that Dvergrs cannot partake in the ritual, since their skeletons are made of stone. Khn'n-Rell's skin and muscles magically reattach themselves and the group exits the cave and heads back to their cells. Since Rusty is still chained to Shaneil's corpse he tells them that he overexerted himself while mining and that he was simply carrying his unconscious body to bed.

Later that night, Xavius gives Gwyneth a deep sensual massage and asks her more about the Cult and what's stressing her out. Gwyneth reveals that over 1000 years ago, there was a great being known as The Ageless One. The Elves and High Bears banded together to try and kill the monster. However, they determined that they couldn't kill it, merely imprison it. They constructed the Silvermine Mountains to cage the beast. They then convert the mountains themselves into a prison and have the prisoners slowly chip away at the beast's neck. This is an effort to kill it and harvest the harvest the "Silver" that lengthen Elves' lives. The Cult of Bones worshipped the beast, and tried to prevent them from imprisoning it, but when the Elves' found a way to kill the skeletons, the cult fell into ruin and few remained. But now they have rallied around the mountain and are now trying to awaken the beast. Gwyneth is worried that if she were to pull out Theta and Alpha squad, the mine would fall. However, if they stayed, she was certain they would die sooner or later. Xavius then gets offended that she doesn't think to settle down with him and start a family. Gwyneth argues that she isn't ready to have another child and if he is so insistent on having kids he should find someone else. Xavius ends the fight and tells her that he loves her and that everything will be alright.

At that very moment, Kallark, following the Funk's plan, releases all prisoners so he can get away with just his kids. He is shocked to find that Gunter is in another part of the prison entirely. With the plan already well underway he simply decides to take Trusty in her place. Trusty remains catatonic after Shaneil's murder which forces Kallark to carry trusty under his arm. Neither Rusty or Margaret wishes to join the cult. They both simultaneously see Unter and formulate the plan to take him as collateral and force Kallark to take them with him. However they both reach Unter at the same time, and proceed to fight over whose hostage he is. During the argument the two are injured by Margaret's wind blast, allowing Kallark to escape. With their only other ticket out of the mine gone, they have no choice but to follow Khn'n-Rell and hope their luck changes.

Khn'n-Rell needs to steal a book from the library to awaken The Ageless One. They are confronted by Chilly Wizzy and DeNada. Rufio tries to blind the two, however this backfires and causes him to blind himself. Khn'n-Rell tells Chilly Wizzy to "Have a Seat" before throwing him across the room onto the couch. Margaret decides that he wants no part in the fight, and instead walks across the room, retrieves a pair of rocket boots from an armory cabinet and flies into another room. Rusty pulls a makeshift hammer from his beard, sides across a counter top and knocks DeNada's tooth out. Khn'n-Rell sits next to Chilly Wizzy and steals his Warp Blade, and at this, DeNada says that he has no wish to further deter them, and Khn'n-Rell reveals that he doesn't want to kill them either. He then recognises Chilly Wizzy and praises him for his skills as the undefeated Chilly Willy champion. DeNada decides to challenge him to a game of Chilly Willies while Khn'n-Rell retrieves the book. However when Chilly Wizzy accepts, Corporal Ice Lord proceeds to freeze off his manhood, DeNada's skin melts off revealing him to be a double agent before further injuring his manhood. Khn'n-Rell reenters the room, book in hand, and steals Wizzy's Winter Coat of Protection while he lay on the couch incapacitated.

Gwyneth and Xavius stop Kallark in the hall. But they stop questioning him when they hear Chilly Wizzy's screams echoing from the library. Gwyneth and Xavius go to check on him but not before Gwyneth voices her disappointment in Kallark causing him to cry and walk towards the exit in shame. They enter the library, and Chilly Wizzy recounts what happened. Simultaneously, the cult of bones is reconvening within the chamber they met earlier in the day. They awaken The Ageless One, and turn all within the cave into skeletons. The Ageless One exits the mountain and begins to take flight. Now with its prisoner escaped, the Silvermine Mountains begin to implode. Seeing this, Rusty turns into stone form just as the ceiling of the room caves in. The Sunclerics, as a safety precaution, lock the doors out of the mine, presumably dooming the other prisoners.

The remaining survivors begin to flee the mountain. Kallark, noticing the gravity of the situation, casts Enlarge on himself. He then proceeds to pick up both Unter and Trusty, whilst Gwyneth and Xavius are helping Chilly Wizzy limp along. Gwyneth tells Xavius to go ahead and unlock the gate blocking the entrance of the cave, and Xavius does as he is told. Kallark drops Trusty, who tries to keep up, but trips, causing Kallark to have to run back and pick him up. The wall of crumbling rock advances further and further. Gwyneth injures her leg, further reducing her speed, and Xavius runs back to assist Gwyneth, but the ceiling above him crumbles, instantly crushing him. Gwyneth turns to Chilly Wizzy who tells her to leave him and save herself. Hesitant, she accepts. However she doesn't get far before another part of the ceiling falls and breaks her leg. Kallark turns back to see Gwyneth crawling, and decides that the only course of action left is to throw Trusty and Unter over the gate. Trusty makes it, however Unter does not. Kallark, after a moment of thought races back to pick up Gwyneth instead of trying to throw Unter again. He makes it back, and asks Gwyneth for the keys, but she tells him that she gave them to Xavius. Kallark and an unnamed Suncleric begin to blast at the gate but can't break through. They manage to make a gap just big enough for Unter to crawl through. Kallark rams the gate and manages to make a space big enough for Gwyneth and the Suncleric, but in his enlarged state, he is too big to fit through. He tells them to go. Almost the entire mine has caved in, as Kallark is hit over the head with a boulder, and begins to feel dizzy. Mustering all the might he has left within him Kallark punches the gate, busting it open. He charges forward, picking up Gwyneth and the other Suncleric, pushing them just outside mountain's ridge. The remaining survivors gaze up at the sky, seeing that The Ageless One has been released.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

Minor Lore[edit]

  • A version of the Ageless ritual is introduced.

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Sep 25, 2015
Episode 1 Sep 27, 2015
Episode 2 Sep 27, 2015
Episode 3 Sep 28, 2015
Episode 4 Sep 28, 2015
Episode 5 Sep 29, 2015
Episode 6 Sep 29, 2015
Episode 7 Sep 30, 2015
Episode 8 Sep 30, 2015
Episode 9 Oct 1, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Oct 1, 2015
Behind the Scenes Oct 3, 2015
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  • For this campaign the fans got to choose from 3 different potential plot lines by voting, it was similar to a donation event, except it was put up before the show and the winner was the option that had the most money towards it: "Porbo's Revenge", "The Silver Snake", and "Philhipé's Alter Ego".
    • The Winning Plot line was "The Silver Snake".
      • Since the Winning Plot was "The Silver Snake" campaign, the first campaign of Season 2 was to feature the Cult of Bones and the Ageless. This came into fruition during the final encounter of Woodcarvers.
    • Had "Philhipé's Alter Ego" won, it would have been revealed that Philhipé was also Chimera from Porc Hunters, and that Philhipé would have been hellbent on escaping the Mountain to do evil things. The campaign would have ended with Virgo Sunsword decapitating Philhipé. It is unknown how this would have affected Season 2.
    • Had "Porbo's Revenge" won, Porbo would have been freed from his Prison, and would have gathered an army of Porcs and Ogres to invade the Mountain. The campaign would end with a "Dwarves v. Zombies" style game where wave upon wave of Porbo's allies would invade, eventually overwhelming all the denizens and prisoners of the Mountain and dying. Ogres would have been the focus of the first episode of Season 2 if picked.
  • This is the first Campaign to have multiple Player Character Deaths. Xavius Barringster and Chilly Wizzy both die, and are the 4th and 5th Player Characters to die, respectively.
  • This is the first campaign to have music being played throughout the whole campaign.
  • The last roll of this campaign was a 20 rolled by Deadbones, making the last roll of season one a 20.