The Skeleton King

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Season 2
Air Date: December 17th, 2016
The Skeleton King
Den of Devils
The Grand Paladin Order

The Skeleton King is the tenth, and final, campaign of Season 2, and the twentieth campaign overall, originally airing December 17th, 2016. Bopen the Skeleton King is a childhood story that most believe to still just be merely a story. No one seriously takes the idea of an all powerful Ageless pirate king plundering the high seas as fact, up until the moment they hear his cackle with their own ears. Born from the rubble of Dundinborough, Bopen is shrouded in mystery but the real power of this self proclaimed Skeleton King will soon start to unravel.



Character Race Class Player
Are'ani Icon.png Are'ani Ageless Gnome Dreamweaver/Witch Deadbones
Clott Icon.png Clott Ageless Porc Spellthief Coestar
Luca Icon.png Luca Ageless Kobold Spellslinger Roamin
Tobias Cragg Icon.pngTobias Cragg Ageless Kobold Cabalist Justin


Character Race Class
Bopen Icon.png Bopen Ageless
Charles Icon.png Charles Ageless Porc
Jamboree Icon.png Jamboree Ageless Dwarf Berserker
Ghostblade Icon.png Ghostblade Elf
Maelstrom Icon.png Maelstrom Sandbold Illusion
Porc Recruit Icon.png Porc Recruit Porc
Patches Icon.png Patches Dvergr
Fat Frank Icon.png Fat Frank Ageless Keen
Gnome Drug Addict Icon.png Gnome Drug Addict Gnome
Krungor Icon.pngKrungor Ageless Ogre
Behemoth Icon.png Cothlin the Behemoth Behemoth
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Elf Paladin
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Elf Cabalist
Bob Icon.png Bob Keen Paladin
Yohan Child Icon.png Yohan Kobold Paladin/Spellslinger
Danzen Child Icon.png Danzen Kobold Sandbender
Ralph Child Icon.png Ralph Kobold Bandito
Talee Icon.png Talee Sandbold
Tien Icon.png Tien Kobold
Varik Icon.png Varik Kobold
Romulus Icon.png Romulus πŸ‘ Kobold Monk
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png King Rohbear Leomaris πŸ‘ Elf
Nader Leomaris Icon.png Nader Leomaris πŸ‘ Elf Dreamweaver
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword πŸ‘ Elf Suncleric
  • - Appeared Retroactively
  • πŸ‘ - Vision Only

Battle Encounters[edit]


We come in with Bopens crewmen of Clott, Luca and Tobias leading a few Ageless into taking a few captives from a ship they are raiding. After a little killing, Are'ani along with some elves surrender, and when Bopen himself comes to offer them the choice to join or die, only Are'ani and 2 others accept his offer. As Are'ani does, she receives a vision of Romulus leaving Karazzim to find Neena Brando, causing Bopen to notice the latent Dreamweaver power in her, and once back on his ship, he grants her Nader's Old Cane. Luca the chef seems to be enjoying cooking a ton of odd things, and Clott is told they are heading back to Dundinborough to recruit more Ageless.

Once they arrive, they begin recruiting a few new people. They have a few failed recruits, and a Sandbold-magic version of Maelstrom leaves them a cryptic message. However, they do recruit Jimmy Jamboree, a Berserker Gnome; Ghostblade, a legendary assassin; Fat Frank, a Keen Ageless; and lastly Krungor, the Ogre King, who tries to take Clott's position as Quartermaster, but once Clott faces and does well against him on his own, Krungor submits to him.

Back on the ship, Bopen explains the rules of the ship to the new crew, then asks Are'ani to tell him whats about to happen using her Dreamweaver powers, and she claims a behemoth will attack, and Bopen cackles, as the pet behemoth attacks the ship for the recruits to train against. Luca uses Fat Frank to grab materials for food, Tobias takes Jimmy to serve as a cannoneer, using Patches as a cannonball, Are'ani nearly drowns and has another vision of King Rohbear Leomaris banishing his brother Nader, and Clott seems to just chat with Ghostblade. As the behemoth battle reaches its climax, Luca accidentally kills Frank, and Ghostblade finally enters the fight but fumbles off the ship, Bopen steps in and forces the beast to retreat, happy with the test. Afterword, Bopen forces Luca to cut off his nipples, to serve to him as a meal, then doesn't eat what he was given, instead granting him the skull of the Queen of Dundinborough for him to cook with. Are'ani tells him of her vision, and he's pleased, knowing to nurture her Dreamweaver abilities. Happy with the test, Clott praises Krungor, and Ghostblade defends his clumsiness earlier by saying Bopen had him on a secret mission to kill a mutineer while everyone was distracted defeating the behemoth.

The ship then lands at a small Kobold town for them to raid and pillage. Having used his new skull to make tea, Luca shares it with several people. This saps Ghostblade into a Halfwit, Krungor's smart head and dumb head become Charismatic and Filthy (which they already were), and Jimmy becomes a Daredevil. Ghostblade, being doubted by Clott on his skills, went into the Kobold town and brought back a huge fish net with evenly chopped and tender Kobolds for Luca to cook with. While the remaining drinkers didn't notice much a of a difference when they had a drink, the entirety of Bopen's crew proceeds to begin their slaughter of the town. After a solid start, Luca blows up an entire cave with an Energy Cannon and tries to smother a child to death and Clott is about to kill a child, when suddenly, the entire village vanishes, as well as Ghostblade. Bopen seems a bit sad Ghostblade is gone, but happy with the remaining loot. Are'ani breaks into a vision of Virgo and Gwyneth talking about Nisovin's search for Dalfgan, and on revealing it to Bopen, Bopen decides its time to go face Virgo, telling his crew to prepare to hunt some Sunswords.

As they sail toward the Sunswords' ship, Bopen calls for Tobias, granting him a Behemoth tentacle arm staff with the request that they will work together forever. Jimmy seems to be questioning leaving the crew, but Clott tells him to stay true to the pirate way, so Jimmy goes to see Luca, who feeds him with some of his special drink, turning him into a Sigil of Flame. Krungor is preparing for battle, when Are'ani uses her Medusa powers to charm him into being her friend for life. As they get into range, Virgo Sunsword notices them approach, so he jumps onto the deck to engage Bopen.

Clott slides right next to Bob on the Sunsword's ship, but Bob Seismic Slams him. Tobias gets the cannons ready, then fires himself to the other ship, while Are'ani swaps herself after having Krungor throw her via her witch powers to get him to land on the Sunsword's ship as well. When Tobias cast Blanket of darkness, Phineas Barringster decides to 'help' and amplifies the spell to cover both ships' decks. While Clott avoids getting his skull smashed, resorting to using his Lay on Hands Scroll to heal himself, while Tobias hits Bob with an Arcano Paintbomb to help keep his ally safe, and Krungor is held at bay until he smashes a few of them himself. Tobias decides to detonate the Blanket of Darkness to keep the sanity of everyone on the field, knocking Phineas overboard and when Bob comes back into the fight after being knocked back, challenging Clott to a fight, only to be blasted off with 2 other Sunswords off into the distance by a Mighty Breeze and Tobias is able to convert all of the remaining Sunswords on deck to attacking each other.

Meanwhile, a few Sunswords head below deck of Bopen's ship, ignoring Luca to focus on the other Ageless manning the cannons, leaving them open for Luca shooting them between their eyes. Are'ani is able to counterattack and kill a Sunsword going after her, before she heads bellow deck to flee from a few Sunswords. The Sunswords following Are'ani proceed to fight the Ageless bellow the deck, causing Luca to knock over his food, enraging him so he unleashes a barrage killing them easily.

Krungor ignores the last few Sunswords to help Bopen with Virgo, but Bopen decapitates one of his heads due to Krungor interfering with the battle, and knocks him out. Bopen then resumes fighting Virgo, stabbing him in the chest. Near death, Virgo continues to fight, Bopen taunting him, but Virgo states his belief and Hope before grappling and then suplexing Bopen, shattering his skull into a million pieces. With Hope restored, Virgo resumed helping his Sunswords until he hears a voice cackling .....a headless Bopen arises and recalls how Virgo has "Hope", then introduces himself as "Bopen" by slicing off Virgo's head. Catching the head in his hand, Bopen burns off the flesh from Virgo's skull, turning it black before claiming it as his own.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • Many of the characters listed above are introduced.
  • Are'ani becomes Ageless.
  • Virgo Sunsword dies.

Minor Lore[edit]

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Dec 16, 2016
Episode 1 Dec 18, 2016
Episode 2 Dec 18, 2016
Episode 3 Dec 18, 2016
Episode 4 Dec 19, 2016
Episode 5 Dec 19, 2016
Episode 6 Dec 19, 2016
Episode 7 Dec 20, 2016
Episode 8 Dec 20, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 Dec 20, 2016
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Supporter Events[edit]

Main Page: Supporter Events

Card Quests[edit]

Note: There were no Card Quests in this Campaign.

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries
Death or Mercy Nader's Old Cane
New Recruits
Initiation Queen's Skull
The Plundering Tentacle Staff
Hopen or Bopen


  • The Supporter Events "Lifelines" and "The Sandbolds" set up playable characters for a future campaign in Season 3.
    • The "Ghostblade" Supporter Event also had an impact on Season 3, but because they added Ghostblade into the crew, he wasn't able to kill a Player Character from The Skeleton King in the future campaign.
    • The Sandbolds would still exist as an organization, even if "The Sandbolds" Event wasn't funded.
  • This Campaign occurs at roughly the same time as The New Crew.
  • This campaign is the first campaign in which a Sunsword has died.