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This is a selection of Quotes from The Skeleton King.

Player Quotes[edit]


"I said a big word."

-When Rob says "precognition" and Deadbones congratulates him.


"I don't believe in reloading."

-Roamin explaining his character.


"You belong to me now"

-Deadbones taking control of Krungor.

Tobias Cragg[edit]

"Fire ze cannons, fire zem in their eye."

-When Justin orders his crew mates to fire the cannons during a modified sea shanty.


"I'll just need you to sign here in your own blood..oh wait I already have some."

-Coestar to Krungor after their fight

"This is a low level zone."

-While the Lifelines Donation Event plays




-When Coe shanked Patches


"Me no stupid"

-When Krungor is putting spikes on his club


Bopen: *cackles* "Virgo Sunsword, ye head be worth a fine price to the Cult of Bones. How I can't wait to show off your skull." *cackles* "Oh, but where be my manners, I haven't even given ye my name."
Virgo: "You can't kill what I am."
Bopen: "What was that Elf?"

Bopen stabs Virgo through his chest.

Bopen: "Do you not bleed, like the rest of ye kind?"
Virgo: "Take our lives, but our spirits will live on."
Bopen: "I'm sorry, are you immortal? I kinda thought that was my thing as Skeleton King."
Virgo: "You and your kind are damned Skeleton King."
Bopen: "You know nothing of what I am, Elf."
Virgo: "The Light gives us strength, the Light..." *coughs* " us Courage, but most of all, the Light GIVES US HOPE!"

Bopen is grabbed by Virgo and suplexed to the ground, shattering his skull into thousands of pieces.


The Sunsword Paladins commence their battle aboard the ship, and Virgo kills some Ageless crew Members, the battle looks like it has turned in The Light's favor, but then Virgo hears the impossible, cackling. He turns to see the decapitated body of Bopen, floating above the ship.

Bopen: *cackles* "Be that all the Light has to offer Paladin, Hope? Maybe next time hope for a Pyroblast dontcha think? But speaking of Hope, I never did get to introduce myself."

Virgo is then decapitated by Bopen. The skin on his skull is then burned by an immense fire spell. The charred skull of Virgo Sunsword is then placed where Bopen's former head was, and Bopen cackles with his new found strength.

- The final fight between Bopen the Skeleton King and Virgo Sunsword