The Sun Keys

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The Sun Keys are a set of eight keys that can be used to release Dalfgan from The Realm of Shadows, and are held by members of the Sunsword Family. Once the keys have been gathered, a magical incantation must be read to break the spell on The Realm of Shadows.

The keys are described as being orange or 'tang' coloured, and Nisovin has been shown on multiple occasions to have a particular interest in the keys and Dalfgan.


The Sun Keys were created to lock Dalfgan in The Realm of Shadows, and then given to Virgo Sunsword and his seven children: Fox, Galen, Gwyneth, Kolvar, Leopold, Merith, and Sierra. Of these children only Gwyneth, Galen, Fox, and Leopold have been seen.

Band of Thieves[edit]

Nisovin gave Yumi and her band of thieves the task of stealing Gwyneth Sunsword's Sun Key from a small Elven village near the Monkey Fish Grotto, with the promise of a 10,000 gold reward if they were successful.

The party was able to sneak into the village, but ultimately failed in retrieving the key.

The New Crew[edit]

Nisovin tasked Merci and the Crew of the Bocoe with finding and stealing a Sun Key from the Sunsword resort of Laeyuleaugh. After recruiting some new crewmates the crew then went on to the Elven resort where they plundered the village, killing several elves and gnomes in the process. Ladyir, one of the new recruits, was able to find the key inside the mansion on the island and the group was able to escape, although their captain, Merci, was captured in the process. However, as they ship sailed away an Elven vessel led by Virgo Sunsword sailed after them, and after a lengthy battle they defeated the pirates, recovering the key and capturing most of the crew.

The Skeleton King[edit]

After raiding the kobold village, Are'ani has a Dreamweaver vision of Virgo and Gwyneth Sunsword talking about how Nisovin has been repeatedly attempting to steal Gwyneth's key. Virgo explains how it would be very difficult for him to steal all of the keys, particularly those belonging to Fox and Kolvar, but he may be able to steal Merith and Leopold's keys, and even if he were able to, he would have to mind control Virgo to read the magical incantation to gain access to The Realm of Shadows.

After leaving the village Bopen's ship crosses path with Virgo's, shortly after the events of The New Crew have transpired. The two ships engage in combat, but Bopen's crew prevail, and Virgo is killed.

It is unknown who the key on Laeyuleaugh belonged to, or whether Virgo had his key on him at the time of The Skeleton King, but it can be assumed that Bopen now has either one or two of the eight Sun Keys.