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This is a selection of Quotes from The Sunswords.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "You are going to regret that."
- Rob as NPCs at the end of every conversation he has with the players.
  • "Hey! Get out of here! This is a private delusional state that Deadbones is in."
- When Justin enters the conversation between Kallark and Carlos with his puppet.
  • "Oh, that was very impactful."
- After rolling a 19, and proceeding not to say what the roll was for.

Kallark Gandolin[edit]

  • "Well, you're going to regret not getting in the cage."
- After being told by Mormo that Kallark will regret his action.
  • "Yeah, you're pretty much the Voice in the Sky in fox form."
- To Carlos when he breaks the meta.
  • "It's like a babies fist!"
- Kallark talking about what the enlarge spell is for.

Xavius Barringster[edit]

  • "I just saw your lips moving; clearly you were talking."
- When Rob is using Ian to say something out of character.
  • "You're not seeing the bigger problem."
- Roamin rolls a 20 to freeze Deadbones and steal his Tambok Ticket to pass the Ogre. Roamin is the only one that immediately realizes this means Deadbones loses the ticket.


  • "Get away from my pockets!"
- When Goggles is trying to "borrow" a treasure from Bob.


  • "I'm gonna note this stuff down, this is good stuff."
- Dave taking notes of the current events for his writing.

NPC Quotes[edit]


  • "But I want to cast the bearding spell and roll a die now to do something to your character."
- Phineas breaking the fourth wall whilst asking Xavius if he can cast the spell of bearding on him.
  • "The Truth is, I've been confused for a long time (very confused) SO FUCKING CONFUSED. One minute I hate women, the next I hate men, one minute I hate gnomes, the next I want to make love to all of them (And I don't even know what that is). NOBODY EVER TOLD ME. That's right, it's kissing time. Pucker up, come on. KISS THIS ELVEN CHILD."
- When Phineas falls in love with Bob due to the Leader's Heartoak Staff.


Bob: "Hey!"
Rebooc: "Koboold!"
Bob: "I don't play that game, kobold."
Rebooc: Kobooold!"
Bob: "Ko... I don't play that game!"
Rebooc: "Kobooold!"
Bob: "I refuse to play this game."
Rebooc: "Kobooold! Kobooold! Koboold!"
Justin: "What... what am I doing here?"
- Bob attempting to talk to Rebooc.

Phineas: "Now remember Roamin, this could create a paradox in which I die, and if I die you'll ruin everything, so you must protect me. I'm breaking the fourth wall."
Xavius: "What's a paradox?"
Phineas: "Nothing, nothing, nothing, it's fine. Just warning you of things that could happen."
- Phineas breaking the fourth wall after joining the group.

Phineas: "Look, cousin, I found a weapon! I think it belonged to a goblin."
Xavius: "Yeah."
Phineas: "Can I keep it?"
Xavius: "Yeah. In fact, do you wanna see the goblin we got it from? You can poke him with a stick."
Phineas: "Can I stab the goblin? I wanna poke him in the eye. I love taking their eyes out and eating them, they're delicious."
Xavius: "Umm..."
Phineas: "Have you never had a goblin eye?"
Xavius: "No, we usually eat the kidneys. We're not savages."
Phineas: "I don't like the taste of kidneys. I love the taste of goblin eye-bools."
Xavius: "Ah, why not? It's your adventure."
Phineas: "Yay!"
- Phineas finding a weapon on the ground.

Xavius: "Gwyneth is pregnant?!"
Phineas: "Gwyneth is pregnant?!"
Kallark: "Well, you don't–"
Bob: "Gwyneth is pregnant?!"
Xavius: "Wait, wait, wait, are you sure that it's hers?"
Dave: "Gwyneth is pregnant?!"
Phineas: "Wait, wait, wait, are you sure that it's hers?"
Kallark: "What?"
Xavius: "You know what I mean."
Phineas: "You know what I mean."
Bob: "You know what I mean." [Does sex emote] "Do you... know what I mean?"
Kallark: "You're asking me if I'm sure that it's hers."
- After Kallark accidentally tells the group that Gwyneth is pregnant.