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Thea Mazing
Campaigns The Unseen Rogues
SeasonsSeason One
— Thea Mazing

Thea Mazing is a Dwarf Magician, played by Justin during The Unseen Rogues.



Thea Mazing is a female Tall Dwarf with pale skin, a voluptuous figure, green eyes, dark hair that is tied into two pigtails and a dark beard. Thea wears a black top hat, a green cape with gold buckles, a black, sleeveless, one piece dress, a brown belt with a gold buckle on the right hand side, a brown bag for her spoils, the Mask of Echoes which lays on the belt, and black shoes. Under the dress, she wears red shorts that stop just above her upper thigh.


Notable Attributes[edit]

  • The Common Tongue is not her first language, which is a magician language called Abracadab.
  • Thea often keeps her shoelaces untied, so that she can show off a magic trick to tie them up. However, she doesn't have a trick to untie them.



Lester was Thea's husband. They were married by Nate Tack before they raided the sexy kobold painting from the museum. Lester and Thea both speak Abracadab resulting in them having full conversations without the rest of the party knowing what they are saying (especially Neena). Lester was Thea's main means of communicating with the group, acting as her translator. Lester has been seen many times helping Thea up when she falls down. We can tell that Lester loved Thea, but it can be questioned if she felt the same way because of how quickly Thea got over Lester's death by the Dragons Fire in Omally's Pit.

Neena Brando[edit]

Neena is a member of the band and was not very close to Thea. Neena did not understand Thea's original language, nor did she know of her original language, and regarded Thea as imbecilic. This resulted in a harsh friendship between the two. Neena did understand Thea's capabilities in combat, utilizing her puppetry skills to further improve Thea's magic.

Nate Tack[edit]

Nate and Thea's relationship is not touched upon heavily. What is known is that Nate is often confused by Thea's Abracadab language, but cares enough for her to willingly be the one to marry her and Lester. Nate accommodated Thea's culture into the wedding.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Magician}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Foreign}]
  • [{Attribute / Romantic}]


  • [{Passive / Blood Gift}]


  • [{Booty Raider / Coin of Providence}]
  • [{Magician / Copycat}]
  • [{Magician / Encore}]
  • [{Magician / Flock of Ravens}]
  • [{Magician / Hocus Pocus}]
  • [{Magician / Levitate}]
  • [{Magician / Polymorph}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Magician / Regal Top Hat}]
  • [{Weapon / Apprentice Wand}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • Arcane Signet
  • [{Armor / Leather Armor}]
  • Map of the Area
  • Mask of Echos
  • Sylvan Leaf
  • Tambok Ticket
  • [{Treasure / Convoluted Composite Crossbow}]
  • [{Weapon / Lirunda Blade}]



Thea Mazing and Mona fled "The Old Country" during The Great Hat Rat War.

The Unseen Rogues[edit]

Thea and the rest of her party are tasked with stealing a vase from a local museum by their "Grandmother" Mona. She contributes by turning into ravens and distracting a guard while the other members proceed to break abase and steal another. However the vase had a lavender smelling liquid inside that intrigues her. While in bird form, she begins to lap up the substance only to become sick and pass out. She awakes in the lair of the notorious Pit boss Omally, the leader of Mona's rival gang, The Unseen Rogues. Omally towers over Thea. Thea manages to keep Omally and his men from killing her by preforming a magic trick and telling them she is a magician. Omally now realizes that Thea works for Mona. So he threatens Thea and tells her to kill Mona. Thea agrees and quickly joins the rest of the party at their restaurant rendezvous. Thea, not being fluent in the Common Tongue (Abracadab being her first language) has trouble explaining what has happened. Only able to describe seeing a "Tall Dwarf." To which Darius Tries to jog her memory by turning into such a tall dwarf and a flock of ravens to no avail. The group gives up, and begins to proceed to Mona's house where they are stopped by Chase and several other members of the Unseen Rogues. After a short fight in which Darius tells a story; shatters the vase by turning into birds and carrying it away, Nate Tack wrestles Chase, and they manage to knock one of the Rogues unconscious, the group proceeds to Mona's house. The fallen rogue awakens and tells his name is Lester. Thea and Lester talk of Omally and his threat against her. Lester, in turn explains that he no longer wants to work for Omally, and begins to state that the two should run away and get married together. After a scolding from Mona over the vase (Which she owed to Omally), Nate's girlfriend enters and asks where Nate is. Thea refers her to the bedroom where, incidentally Nate and Neena are having sex. Enraged, Nate's girlfriend offers Thea the Tambok Ticket she was going to give Nate. She accepts. Soon after a swarm of Hat Rats enter the building. Mona grumbles hint this is a regular occurrence. However Thea quickly helps dispatch them. Lester than tells the party of the location of Omally's gold. Behind a painting of a female Kobold The group begins to plan a heist. While waiting for nightfall, Thea and Lester are wed by Nate at a local Timmy O's. Darius makes Jello Ale shots, and preforms the music for the procession on his Blunt Saxophone. Night having fallen, the group enters the museum. The heist goes off without a hitch, but when Darius's lullaby fails the guards take notice and begin to fight back in front of the painting. While long, the group manages to dispatch the guards. Neena, having left briefly to steel a Silver Vampire Locket, ends the fight by casting two fireballs. The group leaves with all the gold they can carry. They return to Mona's house only to see Mona mugged, the house Ransacked. And Chase threatening them to come see Omally. Reluctantly, they comply, and the group of Rogues guide them to his lair. Omally stands inside, and gives Thea the opportunity to behead Mona on the spot. She refuses. Enraged, Omally sees Lester in the party. Infuriated by his betrayal, combat starts. But before he can attack, Neena's Vampire Locket begins to glow. She is sucked into a wormhole and is replaced by a giant Kobold by the name of Romulus. Omally recognizes him and begins to get very scared, claiming to have killed him. Confused, the party begins to fight regardless. The rogues for the most part and dealt with quickly, however Darius takes a beating and proceeds to try and turn to stone in a corner. However he only succeeds in wetting himself. Omally changes into stone after yelling about a "field of fury," prompting Nate to set up a protective barrier using his Ring of the Armsukaa as a precaution. Fire envelopes the room. A Blanket of Darkness implodes with Chase inside, driving him mad. The Fire instantly kills Lester, who was unable to get inside the field in time. Thea is forced to watch her husband be burned alive. Heartbroken, she continues the fight. Darius and Chase, barely surviving the fire. Darius tries to drink an invisibility potion to hide from Omally. But this is to no avail. Neena uses Lascene to move the attacking Omally in front of Darius to kill him and gain additional actions. Thea then uses Ghost Cackle to briefly summon Darius's ghost to distract Omally. Neena uses her Nobleborn Knife this proves too much for Omally, who passes out from sustained blows from the party.


Thea takes her share of treasure and leaves for The Old Country with Mona.


  • Thea Mazing is a pun on "The Amazing," a common epithet for theatrical magicians.
  • Thea is one of the highest damage outputting Characters in URealms Live history, dealing 110 damage in one round (80 from a critical Fireball hitting three enemy dwarfs and Lester, and 30 right afterwards from a regular and critical fireball on a fleeing enemy dwarf).
  • Thea's inability to speak the Common tongue, leading to her saying "Yes?" often, was actually due to an issue with Justin's internet. It caused the voices of the other players to become distorted, leading him to simply say "Yes?" in confusion.
  • Thea is the first character to be seen getting married in the URealms universe.
  • Thea is the first character to break the 10,000 gold threshold.
  • Thea was the original character to be featured on the Magician's class cards in Seasons 2 and 3.