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RaceDivine Being
Campaigns The Lightbeards
SeasonsSeason Three

Thor is a Divine Being and the most famous son of the Dragon Aspect Ouro'ras. He is the creator of many of the different Races of the Realms, including the Dwarves, Forn, Kobolds, Porcs, and Shellmind.


Thor has not been seen, but is described as an elf that is "short and hairy". This is why he created the Dwarves in his likeness, short and bearded.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Thor has creation magic, which he used to create several different races.


Thor was created by Dragon Aspect Ouro'ras from a mountain and, while supposed to look like an Elf, ended up being rather stout, short and hairy. After the Birth of Magic, Thor shaped Dwarves out of the same mountain he was created from. At some point before the Dragon Aspects attempted to revive Phanto, Ouro'ras passed on the Eternal Flame to Thor. He originally created 12 Dwarven families, and taught them the way of the Elves - magic and other traditions. Thor also later created many other races, such as the Porcs and the Kobolds bringing life back to the Realm which was slowly dying. The Dwarves looked up to Thor as their creator, and created orders that worshipped him and the Light. After a long time living with the Dwarves, Thor told them that he must leave, and he imbued the Eternal Flame into one of his children, creating the first Grand Paladin.

The Lightbeards[edit]


During the fight with Bruce Willakers, an ascended Virendra Willakers turned Thor to bronze, presumably remaining in this state until further lore establishes otherwise.


  • Thor is the divine being who created the Dwarves, the Kobolds, the Porcs, the Forn and the Shellmind. Most of these races were said to have been created by mistake.
  • Thor was in the original Unforgotten Realms animated series.
  • Thor has been referred as the party god.
  • The name 'Thor' is a reference to the Norse thunder god who goes by the same name