Tobias Cragg

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Tobias Cragg
Tobias Cragg TSK Puppet.png
RaceAgeless Kobold
AliasThe Riddlebreaker
Campaigns The Skeleton King

— Tobias Cragg

Tobias Cragg is an Ageless Seaswagger Kobold Cabalist played by Justin in The Skeleton King. Tobias Cragg is the Powder Monkey of Bopen the Skeleton King's ships, and is in charge of the naval artillery.



Tobias Cragg is a male Kobold who wears a peaked cap with a skull and cross bones embroidered on it. Tobias has an aesthetic eye patch that he wears over his right eye and a single monocle over his left. He is also said to wear white gloves.


Tobias is a polite sadist. He is a very kind and polite Kobold, who enjoys murder and excessive amount of explosions. He enjoys the explosions to the degree of shooting himself out of a cannon. This obsession with explosives has led him to be very good at maintaining cannons, and providing the most efficient way of shooting down a ship, which is current with only using 20 cannonballs. He is not below putting odd objects into the cannons to see explosives, as when he loaded in Patches, a Dvergr Dvergr in stone form, into a cannon facing away from the targeted ship and firing his still living body into the ocean.


Tobias is well liked among the crew of the Skeleton King, being in charge below deck and having full command over the cannons. He respects his Quartermaster Clott, and enjoys the cooking of Chef Luca. While he is the one who transformed Are'ani in the Ageless ritual, she holds no ill will to him. Bopen also respects his Powder Monkey's capabilities and will also use him as the catalyst for turning others into Ageless.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Cabalist Abilities[edit]

Runemaster Abilities[edit]




  • Tentacle Staff







Not much is known about Tobias' history, other than his love of explosions eventually landed him a role upon Bopen's ship.

The Skeleton King[edit]

The crew of the Skeleton King had began sinking an unknown Elven ship piloted by a small Gnome and some Elven peasants. The crew began attacking the peasants, forcing them into submission for their Pirate King to come aboard. Bopen went to each one of the survivors and asked if they would choose death or become a part of his crew. Tobias performed the Ageless creation ritual on the few who chose Bopen.


Tobias, along with the rest of Bopen's crew, had successfully killed and taken over Virgo Sunsword's ship. It is unknown what happened afterwards to Tobias, as he did not appear in The Senate of Deadlantis.


  • Tobias had sung a verse similar to the 'Fuck the Kobolds' song but it instead talked about 'Firing ze Cannons'.
    • It was stated by Rob that it made no sense to the crew yet they sung it proudly anyways.