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CoconutM1lk (Talkcontribs)

If you google a page of the wiki, for example gwenyth sunsword like this It says Unforgotten realms wiki rather than URealms. (sorry for long link)

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

We know of this issue (it's in other places too, like in the preview box for an edit) but unfortunately we don't have an easy way to fix this, as the wiki was originally registered as Unforgotten Realms Wiki when the show was still called that. I believe the only way to change this is for the server host to do it, and that would be Rob, but he's got other things to do atm.

CoconutM1lk (Talkcontribs)

Oh okay, that makes sense, just wanted to make sure that you knew about it

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