Trandon Barringster

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Trandon Barringster
Trandon Barringster TUW1 Puppet.png
Campaigns The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
SeasonsSeason Two

"I haven't felt happy in centuries"
— Trandon

Trandon Barringster is a Noble Born Elf Runemaster played by Roamin in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One. Trandon is the founder of the Barringster family line and has lived many different lives throughout the years under different identities.



Trandon Barringster is a male Elf who wears a top hat, nonprescription glasses, a three piece suit with a satchel. His most notable feature is a large, Hideous Mole that is ever present on his body. It was a single hair that sticks out noticeably.


Trandon Barringster is a very forward elf. Once Trandon gets an idea he will stop at nothing to fulfill it, such as stealing a decorative sword. However he does not see this as a negative aspect of himself at all, instead believing him to be a capable problem solver. This might be attributed to the fact that he has gone Insane throughout the years as an Ancient. To help time pass, he has undergone many years of changing his appearance and name to live a different life that usually involves him attending college with heavy drinking.

One constant Trandon does portray is his fondness for his mole. Trandon will threaten to kill or maim those who make fun of his mole, or give him the nick name "Moley."


Trandon has the closest relationship with Rhedmun Kriel, whom he often exerts his more aggressive personality over. Given that Rhed would nearly always do what Trandon asks or tells him to do, Trandon would often to him first when something needs to get done. It is unknown if it's Trandon's insanity or if he simply enjoys pressing the boundaries of Rhed's loyalty to him, as Trandon would often tell him to defecate or urinate himself for the sake of a lie. However, they seem to share a strong enough bond, as Trandon has not yet actively threaten to kill him as he had others.

Trandon's relationship with Buford Flannigan is very light. Trandon would often use Buford's immense size to attempt to solve a puzzle by force, but the only altercations the two have shared was when Buford refered to him as "Old Moley." With Joaquim Flannigan, Trandon is loyal enough to rescue Joaquim from several puzzles, but would often but him out of conversations. Lastly, with Reesi Gandolin, Trandon seems to steer his aggressiveness to a flirtatious level, often calling Reesi "TnA" in private and steal her mail. However, after her death, Trandon covered it up by saying she was ate by a Dragon. It should be noted that Trandon kept the secret fling between Reesi and Buford away from not only Joaquim, but also from the entire group as well.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Runemaster}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Kindred}]
  • [{Attribute / Ancient}]



  • [{Runemaster / Mark of Binding}]
  • [{Runemaster / Mark of Summoning}]
  • [{Runemaster / Mark of Walling}]
  • [{Magician / Copycat}]
  • [{Magician / Levitate}]
  • [{Puppeteer / Mon Aime}]
  • [{Warrior / Tosser}]

Former Abilite[edit]


  • Dragon Egg
  • [{Shield / Ruby Press}]
  • [{Weapon / Warp Blade}]
  • [{Companion / Pot Puppy}] (4): Trandon has, in his possession, four Pot Puppies, one of which is named Anson. One puppy, named Daphne, perished in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.
  • Tambok Ticket
  • Colored Pencils: Colored Pencils stolen from Floor 4 of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.
  • [{Bandito / Skeleton Key}]



Trandon was born before the Birth of Magic and started the family line of the Barringsters. Trandon assisted them in establishing the family name and rank, before quickly becoming bored and leaving. Trandon then traveled from place to place changing his name and appearance (except his mole) living different lives and attending different colleges. One of these colleges was where he met the young witch pirate Rhedmun Kriel and the band Brothers Flannigan. They remained good friends after college, to the point where when Trandon decided he will reduce the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry back to the grassy field that he remembered it to be, he decided to bring those former classmates along.

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One[edit]

Trandon and the group meet at the gate to the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, waiting on Reesi Gandolin to join up with them. Reesi joins up with them, which causes some slight shock to Joaquim, who did not know she was coming.

After some talking about why they wanted to climb the tower, they begin their adventure into the Tower. They enter the lobby and met with a sales man known as J.J. who tries to dissuade the group from climbing the Tower, but with success. J.J. then gives each of the group an enchanted item that shows a single hidden trap on a single floor. However, Trandon attempts to steal some of the decorative items, causing a ruckus as Trandon tries to get Rhedmun Kriel to steal them. However after finding the items to be completely useless, the begin to ascend to the first floor.

They appear in the first floor, a stone room that has a single pedestal with a red button in the center and spiked aligned with the walls. Once Trandon and Buford press the button and the walls begin to slowly move. However, Buford begins to panic and hits the button five more times, causing the walls to speed up slightly. Rhed inspected the pedestal, and discovers the secret to the puzzle, however no one listens to him and the rest of the group continued to use brute force. Rhed manages to solve the puzzle by forcing the walls to speed up and immediately retract. The group now climbs to the second floor.

Coming into the second floor, the group are met with a room filled with lava and a few rocks. J.J. then tells the group via telepathy that the room cancels out magic and their goal is to reach the other side of the room to reach the portal. After some heavy discussion, J.J. tells the group that he will allow a spell as they seem to be having trouble. The group misinterprets this as multiple spells and Buford teleports himself out of the floor. Reesi, Trandon and Rhedmun realize that they once again cannot cast spells. Reesi attempts to take a leap to another rock, only to fall into lava and get burnt to death. Joaquim manages to catch up with the rest of the group (as he had gone to return for forgotten supplies, but was knocked out when Rhed's Altuni Cloth, forcing the elf to climb the first two floors of the tower alone). After Trandon lies to Joaquim and says that Reesi abandoned the group, Joaquim then successfully jumps over the rocks and ascends to the next floor. Rhedmun follows Joaquim and goes through the portal. Trandon is then caught off guard by the appearance of four Pot Puppies, who then carries them to the portal. However, Trandon's insanity kicks in, leading him to toss Buford away from the portal and towards the lava (while also dropping a pot puppy). Buford catches himself on some nearby rocks, but easily jumps through the portal along with Trandon.

On the Third floor, the group finds themselves in a golden room with two Clockodiles. There they confront a lion statue called the Lionia Statue, who tells the group that the if they answer five questions, he will let them pass. The group answers the questions, but the lion statue simple disappears, leaving the group to try and figure out the way to open the door. They assume that the nearby Clockodiles have the key to the door inside of them, so the group begins to fight one of them. After not finding any key inside of the Clockodile, room begins to shake and seven levers appear on the wall, each with a difference animal or monster face. Buford very quickly pulled third lever, causing a loud growl but nothing else happened. Trandon then has one of his pot puppies, Anson, to choose. This time it was the fourth lever which had nothing but a wolf howl. After the levers harbor no answer, the group defeats the other Clockodile to find no key again. Joaquim, Buford and Trandon decided to descend to the Lobby to find the answer, leaving Rhed on floor 3. Once the guys return to the lobby, J.J. reveals that the key was hidden in Trandon's pocket the entire time, under his sunglasses. After working through the floors once more, the group uses the key and ascends to Floor 4.

The fourth floor is a beautiful room filled with books and colored pencils and clouds. There Trandon founds that he is missing a pot puppy, and descends down to find her, while the rest of the group continues to examine the room. Trandon returned back to the room, carrying a Dragon Egg stolen from Vlaurunga, to which Trandon used to solidify his lie about Reesi dying to a Dragon. This caused tension in the group between Joaquim and Rhed. After some small bonding, Trandon begins to quickly figure out the puzzle: simply draw a door. A portal opens up where Trandon drew, and the guys ascended to the fifth floor.

The fifth floor houses a very empty room. Joaquim first enters alone, finding what appears to be Reesi, they are then followed by the rest of the group. The "Reesi" walks in front of Rhed and turns into a Gnome Pirate. The thing then turns into a Pot Puppy, and by the order of the rest of the group, Beauford attempts to shoot it. The thing turns into a new variant of Reesi. Finding that shooting it wasn't solving the puzzle, the group believes that its time for Joaquim and Buford have to move on from the lost of their bandmate. However this too, is not the answer, and the Reesi transforms again this time based on Trandon's mind, turning into a giant Dragon. Finding that it transforms into anything they think about, they begin to think about a portal to the next floor, solving the answer to the floor.

The group appears in the sixth floor into a room that they cannot see at all. Each member of the group begins trying to figure out what is happening while their vision is obscured, except Trandon, who had brought sunglasses. Trandon attempts to summon Buford close to the rest of the group activating some nearby traps, causing his Blunderbuss to be chopped, sawing it off. Eventually Rhed finds a switch and turns on the lights, showing the room filled to the brim of traps. The group begins to disable the traps and save some more Pot Puppies in order to solve the puzzle. Eventually all of the traps turned themselves off, and the group finds buttons in the corners of the room. Finding the buttons, the group presses them simultaneously, opening the portal to the next floor.

On the seventh floor, the group are in seats around a large round table, with a mysterious elf. This elf introduces itself as King Leomaris and begins offering the group a way to better their lives,telling them that they were at the top of the tower. They notice as they get up from the chairs they feel extremely happy and free, up until they sit back down into the chairs. Eventually the group upsets the King, causing him to reveal that this was a projection and open up a red portal to unknown destination. After agreeing to leave Joaquim to listen to the King's stories, he creates a portal to the next floor. Trandon then plans to teleport Joaquim secretly via Mark of Summoning, however it fails. However the King turns to ash for an unknown reason, and the two flee to the next floor.

On Floor 8, they find a room covered in green pipes coating the entire room. However, Joaquim appears to be very different, with now much older with heavy wrinkles and white hair. This causes the group to notice that they all appear older due to the effects of the last floor. Joaquim, suffering from the effects more so than the others, passes out in the middle of the floor. They then decide that maybe putting Joaquim down a pipe will fix him, however this fails to produce any visible results (leading the group to believe that they might have killed Joaquim). After investigating the pipes, they fail to find anything different between them. Eventually they hear Joaquim, now back to his senses, screaming up through the pipes, appearing in a newly reset sixth floor. The group then discusses on how to get Joaquim back to the current floor, but after several minutes of conversation, they decide to use Rhed's Pot Puppies as way points for Joaquim, by dropping parts of the deceased puppies. However, they find out that all of the pipes are connected, save for the one pipe Joaquim fell down, which had an alternative color. After a heavy argument between Rhed and Trandon, Rhed decided to jump down pipe himself, which causes him to be multiplied into three versions of himself. Eventually Joaquim, in an attempt to leave the Tower, gets teleported back to Floor 8, and convinces the group to go back down the pipe to floor six. Now back down, they have to solve the floor and save three new Pot Puppies. After solving that floor again, then ascend to the seventh floor (this time everyone immediately rises from their seat, which in turn, turns the projection of King Leomaris to dust). After ascending to floor 8, they then pull a Hail Mary and tap their shoes, which allows them to go UP a floor this time.

On floor 9, the group find themselves on a chess board and are spoken to by the Great Pot Puppy Master Douglas Oggo, or Pot Pupper Doggo for short. Doggo then explains that he designed this floor as a chess game using pot puppies as pieces. Through the use of Lascene, the group survives the fight with eight Pot Puppies left, squarely defeating Doggo at his game, and enter the portal to the ten

The tenth floor, a floor filled with a multicolored tiled floor and the wizard Coober. There Coober reveals that he is lost in the tower, and asks to join the group. The guys agree, and Coober says he has a quiz for them, to which Buford very much signs the group up. At the end of the quiz, Trandon had 1 points, Buford had 1 points, and Rhed had 3 points. This gave Rhed the first place price of a Legendary item, Trandon rolled for second place and a new Tambok Ticket, and Buford with third place. Coober challenges the party to a battle, but Buford initiates Charm to bypass Coober, allowing the group ascend to the Eleventh Floor.


On the Eleventh Floor, the group finds a rest area. The group decides to recuperate for a spell before continuing on through the tower another day.


  • This marks the third Barringster played by Roamin, who continued the trend of Barringsters being insane.
    • Trandon is the first Barringster.
    • Trandon's insanity appears to be somewhat hereditary, showing up in several members of the Barringster family line. This insanity is most evident in his descendant, Phineas Barringster.
  • Trandon's relationship with Rhedmun Kriel greatly resembles the relationship of the titular characters from the American animated science fiction sitcom, Rick and Morty.