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URealms Live
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May 30th, 2015

URealms Live (previously Unforgotten Realms Live) is a live Twitch gaming show developed by Robert Moran and a dedicated staff, including part of the Buffalo Wizards. URealms itself is the group-based role-playing game featured on the show, consisting of adventures undertaken by players in a world called the The Realms. What separates URealms apart from other role-playing games is its emphasis on deeply interconnected stories and histories, rather than individual characters on never-ending campaigns. Though Tabletop Simulator is utilized for the core gameplay on the show, much of its appeal comes from the interaction and improvisation of the players. In contrast to typical role-playing games, both URealms and URealms Live concentrate more on discussion, comedy, and drama than on the outcome of dice rolls. The game is currently being developed and updated, so not all assets are available yet, though they will eventually be released for the public to use for their own campaigns.


Further information: Game Rules

URealms uses several elements to create both the game and its storytelling environment. By use of these elements, spectators and players can build their own interpretation of the world as the game plays out.

There are different types of cards that are used to represent various aspects of the game. Before gameplay starts, players choose from Race and Class cards to determine their characters' identities and skills. They may also purchase item and treasure cards to aid themselves in battle. These cards are held in each player's inventory for reference, and players may gain or lose some in the course of a campaign.

The board is the main focus of gameplay, where players move and take action. Varied environments can be represented on the board, while player and NPC tiles interact atop it. It is divided into squares that tiles and their movement are aligned to.

For the players' and the Game Master's turns, a twenty-sided die is rolled to perform most actions. Generally, the higher the number rolled, the more favorable the outcome to the roller. Therefore, 20's can result in perfect execution that provides extra benefits, while 1's end up in spectacular failures that are often comical.

In URealms, all characters have stamina, a combination of the health and mana stats seen in traditional role-playing games. Taking damage will lower a character's stamina, and when a character loses all of their stamina, they will fall Unconscious, they will have to Death Roll, and if they fail, they are killed. If they succeed, they are knocked Unconscious, and can choose to get back up the next round of combat.

URealms Live[edit]

During each season of URealms Live, new campaigns are played through by the Buffalo Wizards. Rob acts as the Game Master, and the stream displays his perspective of the Tabletop Simulator session. The stream makes use of other in-house software, such as Puppet Pals and a stamina tracker, to show more engaging and informative visuals. During the show, viewers can also donate towards the activation of Supporter Events that can influence various parts of the campaign for the players.

For Season 1 of URealms Live, 10 campaigns aired on Coestar's Twitch channel throughout the summer of 2015. Season 2 began airing in summer 2016 on the Urealms Twitch channel, with 10 more campaigns to be aired. Archives of previous campaigns are hosted on Rob's YouTube channel.

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