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The Wiki[edit]

The URealms Live Wiki's goal is to provide information about the shows URealms Live, URealms Side Quest, and Coe's Quest. All three of these shows are created by Robert Moran in conjunction with many other people working on different aspects of the show. The wiki aims to display as much information as possible regarding the world of the show, the characters, and their stories. This documentation process takes a lot of work, so the community is needed to help keep pages up-to-date, factual, and organized.

The Show[edit]

URealms Live is a live tabletop role-playing game similar to Dungeons & Dragons, that focuses on using comedy to highlight the world in the show. The show takes the form of seasons of roughly 10 campaigns each, that each focus on different stories, some introducing new characters or locations, while some revisit past experiences. What sets URealms Live apart from other similar shows, is its humor, and animations scattered throughout the campaigns, some longer animations could reveal bosses or lore aspects, but during discussion and conversation, puppets take center stage to allow the characters' emotions and expressions to be understood.

URealms Side Quest is a series of campaigns that aren't live, and often take place in between the seasons of URealms Live. Since there isn't the pressure of a livestream, these are often more laid back, allowing for drastic changes, such as a different Game Master, and don't have full animations, but still contribute to the world's lore and story.

Coe's Quest is a series of animations that take place in the world of URealms Live, but this focuses on a specific group of adventurers, and their story.