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  • Unnamed Parents (presumably deceased)
  • Adoptive Fathers: Kallark Gandolin (former), Rebooc (former)
  • Sister: Gunter
  • Unnamed Older Brother
  • Adopted Brother: Trusty Neconni
  • StatusAlive
    Campaigns The Sunswords
    SeasonsSeason One

    Unter is a Kobold child that was rescued along with his sister Gunter from a burning barn by Kallark Gandolin during The Sunswords, and was seen as a prisoner in The Silvermine Mountains.



    Unter is a young male Kobold with fluffy brown rock fur. He wears a sleeveless button up shirt, pants and dark shoes. After his false incarceration in the Silvermine Mountains, Unter wears the standard loose fitting grey shirt and pants, with a dark grey belt wrapped around his waist.

    Personality and Traits[edit]

    Unter is a young Kobold child who is simply curious about his family and his surroundings. He is very impressionable as evident in The Silvermine Mountains, where he becomes Murder Bros with Trusty Neconni even though he hasn't murdered anyone.

    Character Inventory[edit]

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    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Kobold}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Clerics}]
    • [{Attribute / Juvenile}]



    Former Abilities[edit]


    Former Belongings[edit]


    The Sunswords[edit]

    Unter and his sister, Gunter, were found by the Sunswords in a burning barn, separated from their parents and older brother. Kallark Gandolin, Gwyneth Sunsword and Dave rushed to save the children, with Kallark taking them out of the barn and to the sanctity of the Sunswords prison transport in the care of the prisoner Kobolds, Goggles, Mormo and Rebooc. Whilst in the carriage, they ask Kallark several times if he will be their daddy, and eventually he agrees to take them in and raise them until he can find a suitable Kobold family to look after them. However, when Kallark is charmed by Jakelad into letting him escape they are left in the carriage with the other prisoners, until Phineas Barringster takes them away to safety. After the Sunswords fend off the attack, Unter and Gunter decide to be with their own kind, and follow Rebooc into the Silvermine Mountains.

    The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

    Unter was separated from his sister at some point before the campaign began. Unter had a cell to himself, and was looked after by a Kobold prisoner. With the arrival of new prisoners, Unter now had a cell mate in Trusty Neconni. The two referred to each other as "Murder Bros", apparently to seem tough around the other prisoners. During a prison riot, Unter was shot by Rusty, but no long-lasting damage occurred. Unter was broken out of his cell by Kallark Gandolin, who then allowed him to escape the Silvermine Mountains as it was collapsing.


    At the end of the Silvermine Mountains, Unter escaped with the help of Kallark Gandolin, alongside Trusty Neconni, Gwyneth Sunsword and another elf. In Woodcarvers, Kallark says that he left his Kobold Child at the Elven Base Camp, although Gwyneth corrects Kallark and states that Unter is not his son.