Ursa Faiden

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Ursa Faiden
Highbear Armor Puppet.png
  • Formerly: The 7th Paladin Order
Campaigns Woodcarvers
SeasonsSeason Two

Ursa Faiden is a Highbear played by Rob in Woodcarvers. Ursa Faiden is a disgraced Highbear that lives in a cave in the forest outside of Waldon in exile from Highbear Society.



Ursa Faiden is a male Highbear with bright white fur covering his body and glowing yellow eyes. He can equip Highborn Armor, which covers the upper half of his body in golden, scale plate armor, with two cauldrons on both of his shoulders that have large, black spikes jutting out of them. Faiden also wears a golden, open face helmet with a single black spike extending from the front of the helm.


Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • The Highbear Dance: Any time a Foe uses a Move Action, you gain a Move Action as an Immediate Bonus Action.

Other Abilities[edit]

  • Honorless Maul: Maul a 2x2 Area dealing 15 Damage. Roll 3 dice when using this ability, taking the highest result and ignoring Critical Fails.
  • Swift Girth: Attempt to Dodge an Attack or Projectile. If successful, grant yourself another Anytime Action.
  • Ungrateful Ride: Run as many spaces as you like in a Line, dealing 10 Damage to Targets hit and pushing them along with you.




Ursa Faiden was a Baron to the 7th Paladin Order. The Dwarves he was a diplomat for were attacked by another faction of dwarves. A baron's only purpose is to serve as a peaceful diplomat and report situations for the Azan Highbears. However, having befriended the dwarves, Ursa Faiden fought alongside them, killing another highbear in battle. This act of betrayal caused the Highbears to call out and attempt to banish Ursa Faiden in his A'nu Lomante, but Ursa Faiden did not return to Ursamar to stand trial and instead went into hiding.


Ursa Faiden had been hiding out in a cave near the Woodcarvers village

See Also[edit]


  • Ursa Faiden is named after a prominent artist of the Buffalo Wizards community known as Faiden. Faiden was once a part of Roamin's group of Squires in the Buffalo Wizards other works known as Lords of Minecraft.
  • Ursa is the Latin word for bear. Other Romance languages have similar words for it.