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I stumbled upon Urealms by accident. When I was younger I used to watch Paulsoaresjr's minecraft tutorials, which made me take contact with the mindcrack community when he joined it. One thing lead to another and I ended up watching Pause's TTT videos with the buffalo wizards. One day I decided to check out Rob's channel and he had the 25 year fire as its channel trailer. I didn't have any idea of what was going on, but I knew that I was loving it. Shortly after Band of Thieves came out on youtube and I checked it out. I got disappointed about the fact that it wasn't an animation and didn't check back on it for some weeks. One evening I was bored and decided to give that video a second chance, since I had really loved the 25 year fire. Best or worst? decition I ever made. I've literally been consuming 1-4 hours or Urealms per day for 2 years. I download the audios of the campains and I just listen to them while I work, do exercise, cook, travel... Urealms has basically become my life's soundtrack.

I joined the wiki because I wanted to get more involved with the community, and this is a way where I can learn more about the actual lore (I'm missing a lot of lore info since I just listen to the campains and haven't read all of the lore cards). If you ever see something I've done is wrong, don't take it in a bad way, it must have been a mistake on my part, mostly because I don't fully know how the wiki works yet. I might make some grammatical or spelling mistakes but please excuse me, as English isn't my first language.

My modus operandi at the moment is go to a random page, read it, see if there is something that I think should be changed/added and move on.

I'm trying to help, sorry if something I do is wrong.