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I really started watching Rob in December 2013, where he won a Mindcrack UHC. Ever since then I've just followed his YouTube channel and watched his videos. I started playing DvZ regularly in November 2014 and I joined Lords of Minecraft at around the same time. I started watching quite a bit of the Buffalo Wizards content, such as Garry's Mod and Lords of Minecraft and I then started watching URealms Live, which is what really got me involved in this community. I'm an active member of the Buffalo WIzards subreddit where you can reach me at /u/PoweradeCookie, and I joined this wiki a couple of days ago. I'll try to be as accurate and factual as I can in my posts. I mainly edit character details, and import cards such as legendaries and abilities. I also try to fix grammar issues and syntax errors in pages. If you're wondering who my favorite character is, it's Virgo Sunsword.