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RiceWaffleFox is a fox who likes to eat rice and waffles. He has been watching URealms Live since the fifth campaign, The Sunswords. After returning to Youtube to find that both the Buffalo Wizards and Mindcrack had stopped doing Gmod, he noticed the flood of Tabletop Simulator RPG shit on Rob's channel (URealms), and subsequently fell in love with that content. RiceWaffle also enjoys Game of Thrones, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Agents of SHIELD, Doctor Who, and One Piece, plus countless Youtube Channels. He is currently attending a local college for a Software Development degree.

I'm currently working on a game similar to URealms using the Slightly Damned world, and am using the URealms system as a sort of base so I can throw ideas around before nailing down the actual system mechanics later. I'm also working on some fan campaigns.

Pages that I think need edited[edit]

  1. Unforgotten Realms - It's currently a stub.

Personal URealms Theories[edit]

Personal Timeline Theory[edit]

  1. The main timeline goes:
    1. The Sunswords
    2. The Unseen Rogues
    3. Kobold Headhunters
    4. Band of Thieves
    5. Porc Hunters
    6. Murder Bros
    7. Buckeroos
    8. The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
    9. The New Crew
    10. The Silvermine Mountains
    11. Woodcarvers
  2. The second timeline goes:
    1. The Sunswords
    2. The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
    3. Zarlin Catacombs
    4. Unexpected Discovery
    5. (Season 2 Campaign 9)
    6. The Silvermine Mountains
    7. Woodcarvers
  3. The third timeline goes:
    1. The Sunswords
    2. Blood Snake Queen
    3. Okagnoma Guild Hall
    4. The Silvermine Mountains
    5. Woodcarvers
  4. The fourth timeline goes:
    1. The Sunswords
    2. Battle of the Bards
    3. Guild of Explorers
    4. The Silvermine Mountains
    5. Woodcarvers
  5. The fifth timeline goes:
    1. The Cobblers
    2. The Death of Virgo
    3. (Sequel Campaign to Death of Virgo)
    4. The Silvermine Mountains
    5. Woodcarvers


Season 2:

  1. Bonedancers will start with:
    1. Elaphelk Bonemail, and
    2. Either a Bonescythe or a Grimoire.
  2. Either the 8th or 10th campaign of Season 2 will be an all-high-bears campaign.

Season 3:

  1. Dreamweaver and Rouge will be a playable classes in Season 3.
  2. In Season 3, there will be a new attribute that lets you be somewhat aware of Chat, like Chimera is.
  3. Virgo will actually die in the sequel to The Death of Virgo, which will have the same title, but with "Chapter Two" appended to it.
  4. A class based in Earth and plant magic will appear in Season 3 (possibly a Druid class), and it will use the Infused Vines and Regrowth Shield.
    1. They will have two Class Abilities that are similar to the Companion Abilities Hand of the Deep and Vine Lash.
    2. They will be able to start with the Child of Rokesh Attribute, or possibly the Hippy Attribute.
  5. The Alchemist/Mixologist mentioned in the June 20th Lore Building Stream will also come to fruition in Season 3.
    1. They will behave similarly to the Spellthief with Spellscrolls, but with potions instead.
    2. Four of their abilities will revolve around stronger versions of the five main potions in URealms (Gold, Move, Health, Shield, Invisibility)
    3. The other two will be special/fancy/limited abilities, similar to the Sheriff's four "Laws" and two limited abilities.
    4. They may also have an ability to mix potions for different effects (such as making a Health Potion Glass Shield by mixing a Rejuvenation and Shielding potion).
    5. An even stronger version of Potion Sellers Strongest Potion might be one of their limiteds.

My Fan Campaigns[edit]

My fan campaigns all take place in Bullare, a small country on a peninsula. Near the country's center is Guantrazka, a horrid, terrifying place where thousands of prisoners are held. It was originally meant for the worst of the worst, but overflowing prisons across the country have caused it to recently take in those who commit lesser crimes as well. Other locations include Rickston and Arritto, some ancient Gnomish ruins, and the Spelling Battle Stadium, which is situated in the country's capitol city, Morano.

# Name / Description Playlist GM Airdate PCs NPCs Enemies
1 Followers of the
Divine Child
Link Link
A group from the Guild of Explorers goes missing while exploring some ancient Gnomish ruins built shortly after the Birth of Magic. The Guild has sent a group of four explorers to reclaim the ruins, defeat whatever is responsible for the disappearances, and, if possible, save the lost guild members. But unknown to everyone, there is a dark secret hidden within the depths of the ruins...
2 The Nefarious
A group of rogues plans their rise to the top as they slowly take over the town of Arritto.
3 The Residents
of Rickston
Locals from the humble town of Rickston must prepare themselves to fend off a group of rogues from taking over the town.
4 Voyage of the
Dusk Trudger
This is a campaign about pirates. The title is a pun on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Go figure.
5 The Spectacular
Spelling B.
A group of spell-casters take part in a tournament-style, no-holds-barred spell-casting competition where the winners get a special prize... oh, and the B stands for Battle.
6 ??? Jazzy
Many years ago, a religious woman fell in love with a criminal, and a pair of brothers became separated forever...
7 ??? Jazzy
8 Guantrazka Jazzy
A group of prisoners gather together to escape from Guantrazka, the largest and most vile prison in all of Bullare.

Place Names and Etymologies[edit]

Name Description Etymology
Arritto A town that the Nefarious Ne'erdowells plan to take over. Anagram of Traitor, a reference to Trouble in Terrorist Town and T. Neconni.
Bullare Country where URealms FanQuest takes place. Named after The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Guantrazka Large prison near the center of Bullare. Named after three infamous prisons: Guantanamo Bay, Alcatraz, and Azkaban.
Morano The capitol city where the Spelling Battle Stadium is located. From Moran, Rob's last name.
Rickston A town not too far from Arritto. Anagram of No Tricks.

Character Names and Etymologies[edit]

Campaign(s) Name Race Class Player Etymology
1 Backup Shield Pig Companion Companion
1 & 6 Betty Sinclair Kobold Monk / Paladin NPC
1 Big Buta Porc Bandito NPC Buta means pig or pork in Japanese.
1 Bronco Porc Peasant NPC
1 & 6 Domo &
Goblins Magician
& Bard
Jazzy Waffles Domo is from Domo Arigato, a reference to
Coe's old characters being named "Thanks"
in some capacity... Meanwhile, Otaghyra
is Arigato spelled backwards and stylized,
similar origin to Domo.
1 Joshua Sinclair Kobold Spellslinger Nick
1 Marissa
"La Serpiente"
Kobold Spellthief ShinyMoo
1 Reginald Blood Snake Companion Companion
1 & 6 Robert Sinclair Kobold Buccaneer NPC Named after Rob.
1 Sir Ibram Porc Puppeteer Paul From Cerebrum.
1 Wyvern Kobold Cabalist NPC Similar name style to Maelstrom and Chimera.
2 Aurey "El Gato"
JazzyWaffles Named after Arigato, music artist LieN,
and Youtuber Aureylian.
3 Zufasa Wolfbird JazzyWaffles Anagram of Buffalo Wizards.
4 Sombra Hanyo JazzyWaffles Anagram of No hay bromas.
Reference to No-Eye Bromas
7 Tyro Tenderfoot JazzyWaffles Both Tyro and Tenderfoot are synonyms,
meaning Newbie.
8 Kor & Mel Goblins Bard &
NPC Named after Melkor from the Silmarillion.
? Prince William
Gnome NPC Prince Fresco from Fresh Prince,
because he's the Prince of Bullare (Bel-Air).
William from Will Smith.