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Real NameAndrew

Who I Am[edit]

Hello I am reddit user /u/Toadslayer. I'm from Australia and enjoy throwing my knowledge of the campaigns into the wiki by editing it where I can. I strive to get to the live campaigns, but am not able to get to them all. I first started watching Rob when Lords of Minecraft started, but the first time I saw him was in Mindcrack UHC 13 through SethBling's channel.

Main Wiki Contributions[edit]

I've made quite a number of pages and have put quite a bit of time getting info for characters. Most prominently I have contributed to the timeline page and the supporter events page which I created and wrote a lot of (not nearly all of it though).

My Wiki and D&D Engine[edit]

I have game mastered seven URelams campaigns with my friends and have created my own engine that is a modified version of URealms for use with my friends. If you feel like reading about our adventures or characters check out my wiki, though be warned some parts are NSFW (no images, just words, sometimes my friends are weird). Apologies for the wiki being largely not up to date. It's a lot of work to get a campaign fully recorded there and I just haven't really wanted to do that lately.