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Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

Hey, I've seen that you've been updating all of the trivia on pages about what characters are on Class Cards!

I know you saw that I removed some edits about if a character was of the class they were on the card for, for example, Nate Tack was on the Runemaster's cards in Season 2, but he is, in fact, a Cabalist. I want to give you a few of my own reasons why I'm not sure this is needed on the wiki pages, but I won't act until you've responded so we can discuss this.

A) Classes can change. You can see this easiest with Dave and Raynel, who have each 'changed' class quite a few times. I'd wager that if Jeanie Jaredson were to return, then Rob would play her as a Flamedanseur, because she was most likely the inspiration for the class. Same with Octivias, who *technically* wasn't a Sea Chef, but he obviously *is* one, and his class has also been updated to represent this. This is because classes don't mean anything in terms of the show's lore, since someone can learn many different types of magic, or can even switch which magics they follow at a later point in their life. I mean, DeNada was arguably more memorable for his Theurgist abilities rather than his Cabalist abilities, so in that way, it could make more sense for DeNada to be on the Theurgist class cards, especially since a lot of the other Theurgists don't have prominent Theurgist features (like the Frost Elemental).

B) In Season 2, where most of these class card inconsistencies arose, there weren't any better alternatives for the classes. There weren't any Runemasters yet, but since someone had to be on the class cards, Rob chose someone that looked the most 'Runemastery', who happened to be Nate Tack. In my opinion, Nate even looks more 'Runemastery' than Trandon Barringster, who is currently on the Runemaster class cards. Therefore, saying that 'This person is on this card, despite not belonging there' doesn't make sense to me, since no one belongs there yet, but someone had to be put there.

C) Here, Rob removed the trivia on Morgana Marie's page stating that, despite being a Magician, she was on the Enchanter's class cards. While Rob was, in this case, blanking the trivia section, so it could be interpreted that he wasn't paying direct attention to that trivia point specifically, I'm pretty sure he did later say in a video (and I'm sorry, but it would take me too long to find which video again) that he wasn't sure why fans were pointing this inconsistency out, since it was mostly irrelevant.

Sorry if this was all a bit blunt, I don't mean any bad will, I just like explaining myself even if it is over the *tiniest* irrelevant things XD

Azurillkirby (Talkcontribs)

No problem with being blunt. Didn't take any offense to it. I tend to be pretty blunt myself, and I try to look past bluntness to see what a person actually meant.

I guess the way that I see it is that I think the fact that it uses a character that wasn't the class is moderately interesting. Not interesting enough that I'd need to tell everyone I know but, just trivia. I think it's interesting to see what options they went with when they didn't have enough options. I agree that it isn't important information, but as I think I mentioned in two of the edit comments, that is what trivia is. Unimportant information.

I can concede that mentioning Octivius wasn't a Sea Chef wasn't super relevant (even before I realized that they retconned that on the website. I'd then say in that specific instance that the fact his class was retconned is, in a sense, a different bit of trivia altogether, which I then changed after I found that out.) I think I mentioned in the trivia I added for Michael Langstrom's page that his occupation was Lumberjack but it wasn't his class. These instances aren't things I'd be mad about if other people thought it wasn't needed for trivia and was removed.

Separately, I think what I added for Maelstrom is kinda not super useful to know either. I mentioned that he's on Sandbender despite not having *shown* any Sandbender skills. But his S3 class sheet says that he is a Sandbender. I think I even wrote something just like that. That it says he's a sandbender but not shown in a campaign yet as one.

However, I do think in many of the other instances I think it can be interesting at the very least. You bring up Nate Tack, and that's one of them I think is the most interesting. That they had a character that wasn't related to Runemaster at all, but the image could easily fit as a Runemaster. Like, your entire second point you use to justify not needing that as trivia, but to me that point has the opposite effect. I think that is exactly what makes it interesting trivia, myself. Maybe if it was reworded to sound less absolute, like "There were no canonical Runemasters when this class was created, so they went with this character as it fit," though one could argue that's putting in an opinion or speculating Rob's mindset. Maybe something like "When the Runemaster class was created, there were no canonical members of that class, so Nate's portrait was featured on the Runemaster class cards, despite canonically being a Cabalist." Or for something like Denada "Denada was featured on the Theurgist class card in Seasons 2 and 3, as he was very well known for his summoning of various different elemental minions. Although, canonically, he is a Cabalist." Something like that might be more of a compromise between what we disagree about.

Which to your point about his deletion. if Rob wonders why an irrelevant fact is in the trivia section well.. That's the point of the trivia section. To show mostly irrelevant information. That's always been the point of trivia sections on wikis. To make a point, I pressed the Random Page button until I got a page with a trivia section. (That only took two times, as the first one was the Gallery for Sly Johnson) and I got The Sunswords. There are 5 trivia facts there, and all of them are irrelevant. The only one that's really at least kinda maybe important is the Ogre's seizure. Maybe you could argue the Tambok ticket thing is, but the way it's worded makes it out as if the fact is that Roamin was the first person to get it, and that's not fairly important or relevant.

So, I can concede that not maybe every Trivia edit I made was really a thing we may want to showcase, but I'd hold that for many others, it's at least an interesting trivia fact to some. Like Rob said, many people bring up this irrelevant fact, so it's at least a trivia fact that at least some people are interested in.

Like you said, despite being blunt, I hold no negative intentions and I am interested to know what you will say in response. :)

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

All good points, and you've now convinced me your way :P

I agree that 'Trivia' is supposed to be neat little facts that make you go 'Huh. Really?' which I now think that this info could easily be, so I'd agree that we should keep it there for now. If Rob makes any moves to remove it, however, I think we should accept that and get rid of it, if it isn't deemed too important.

I also agree that some of them might need to be reworded a bit, maybe to shorten them down since a couple of them get a bit wordy!

Sorry for kicking up a fuss for nothing then, glad to see you're willing to help out!

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