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Astora (Talkcontribs)

Trivia needs to be lore based? What exactly does that include/exclude? Usually it shows insight into the character and interesting facts that distinguish it, but is there a specific set of things that can and can't be put into a Trivia?

Emperor Emorious1 (Talkcontribs)

Well, we're trying to move away from the Game Mechanics of URealms and focus mainly on the Lore, and The Realm itself. So we're trying to limit things outside of the show on the wiki. For example on Joaquim Flannigan's Page, we're going to remove the Trivia about the incident with Coe's Internet because that's not vital information, and it's not important to the Realm itself. Also, we're trying to steer clear of Non-Canon information in the show, like Gobos of Pat, Nuren, and things said outside of shows/in BTS/Lore Building Streams. Hopefully this helps! (Sorry about the rollback on your edit, try not to take it as a personal slant against you, we're just trying to move the wiki away from the game mechanics, and focus on solely the Lore of the Universe)

Astora (Talkcontribs)

Of course, nothing personal. I was just wondering for future reference. Thank you!

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IronClark (Talkcontribs)

Hello Emperor! The moderation crew has noticed your superb work on the wiki, and I wanted to ask you if you would like to become a mod! As a mod, you will be able to rollback edits, move pages, and have access to our Discord chat! Where we talk future projects and secrets! If you are interested, please respond and give me your Discord name! Thank you for all of your hard work! -Clark

Emperor Emorious1 (Talkcontribs)

I would be honored! My discord is Emperor_Emorious. Thank you so much, and I won't let you guys down!

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

What's your four digit number after that? I think we need that to add you

Emperor Emorious1 (Talkcontribs)

I think it might be #0774? I don't use Discord that often, so I'm unsure if that is what you're looking for.

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Petertwnsnd (Talkcontribs)

Welcome to the Unforgotten Realms Live Wiki!
Make sure you check out the Rules before editing.
If you're looking for somewhere to help, check out Wanted Pages and Stubs.
Uploading Images is another great way to help out.
If you have any questions you can contact me or any of our other Moderators.

Emperor Emorious1 (Talkcontribs)

Thanks!! I really haven't had time to edit any pages, because of school. But, I will definitely be editing Raynel and Sergio's page!!

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