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Proliks (Talkcontribs)

just wondering why you hid my post about RadioactiveK and the art

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

It would have been because there is nothing anyone can do to help with your question, so it was hidden as it wouldn't have been able to be answered. No one knows why K hasn't posted any art recently, but it's likely for personal reasons, that she doesn't want to share with the public, so asking for reasons from her could be a bit pressing. Anyways, as others have said, the Season 2 puppets have been great so far, so there really isn't an urgent need for official art (also since Sixelona has been redrawing some characters for animations), unlike in Season 1. Take Roamin for example, all of Roamin's Season 1 puppets (bar 2) started out just with his basic Paladin Ankh armor, which meant that K's art was more needed to distinguish between them. In Season 2 none of Roamin's puppets have used this base body, and have all been vastly different, so you can easily tell, say, Borris Cobbler's puppet different from Thomas'.

Sixelona (Talkcontribs)

This has popped up several times on the reddit. To avoid drama Rob has asked to respect the privacy of staff for Urealms. Whatever her situation is we should respect her privacy. Rob is aware that people are asking for character designs so don't think he's ignoring it! Right now his main focus is on the campaigns and finishing the season.

Edit: I also agree with mayonnaisinator, thanks to the puppets having much more in terms of options and accessories, they look a lot more unique and interesting this season and can be easily distinguished from characters in season one.

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

Pretty much what Sixelona said.

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Rob (Talkcontribs)

Saw your post (even after deleting it!) about wanting to help on the wiki as a mod so I promoted you. Thanks for all the help on the wiki!

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

Oh thank you! I'll keep doing what I do!

Rob (Talkcontribs)

Hey Jack do you have Discord or Skype btw?

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

Yeah I have both, my Skype is Oldman Turquoise (look for the picture with the pink top hat) and my discord is Die-Go (the picture is Abraham Lincoln), I won't be able to accept you right now though because I gotta get going.

Rob (Talkcontribs)

If you don't, grab Discord for me. Gonna add you to the fancy new wiki mod team group

Rob (Talkcontribs)

Alright. I added you and sent you a link on Discord, accept it whenever you get the chance.

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

Not sure if you sent it to the right person because I have nothing pending on both.

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

On discord I'm Die-Go#4318

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