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Rob (Talkcontribs)

You deleted your Reddit account, do you have Skype?

Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Hey, my reddit account is /u/Plorntus (rather than Plornt). I do have skype though, skype name: "thomas.caserta"

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MrHealix (Talkcontribs)

how come none of us make workshop in table top for this game?

MrHealix (Talkcontribs)

What about a tile builder sine we have a card builder?

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unrelated - Wiki Hosting

Summary by 5ilver42

Plornt sent me a message on reddit allowing further contact on this topic to be continued there. The underlying intent has expired and no longer has need. Unrelated topics were also being added to this discussion. Discussion of other topics should be given their own thread.

5ilver42 (Talkcontribs)

Since you are the admin, I had some questions about the process of setting up an hosting a wiki. If you have some time in the coming weeks, there is an unrelated personal project I am apart of that could benefit from having a dedicated wiki like this, but I have no knowledge about where to even being looking. For discussion, you can reach me on reddit.

Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Testing wiki

MrHealix (Talkcontribs)

Need help fixing a file since i made two copy "I still love you, Kallark.jpeg"

MrHealix (Talkcontribs)

also need to delete some these page since it a not needed , it already have a page or a mistake. here here here here

TheRaven81 (Talkcontribs)

Found this image here, under "URLive Card Assets" It's his "Card Font Styles guide". The guide says the font for the Gem values is the same as the main text - Calisto MT Bold. Although in terms of the "Once per Combat/Round" gems, IDK what that font is yet...looks to be pretty basic though. I could probably make an image to go over them, so that it can be implemented... Will work on it and reply when it's done.

TheRaven81 (Talkcontribs) Once per Combat/Round gems

Pcplague (Talkcontribs)

I hope you don't mind, but I've uploaded them to the wiki, and will add them to the card gems page. They've been absent for a while, so thank you.

TheRaven81 (Talkcontribs)

No problem - happy to contribute.

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Razorhead (Talkcontribs)

I also left a message on my user page, but I figured I'd let you know personally in case you didn't see it, so that you weren't wondering if I died or anything. Anyway, I'm away from July 1 - July 26, so that's quite a while. Spotty wifi too, so not really much chance to so anything.

Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Ah, fair enough! Enjoy your vacation :)

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I left a message on Moderator Talk about Flow.

Razorhead (Talkcontribs)

Not sure if you noticed my message, but I constantly have trouble with this addon. I left more info there.

Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Ah thanks didnt see it, I just left a message about it on there.

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Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Testing One Two Three. If you had old discussions and want to view them you can view them by going User_talk:NAME/Archive_1

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