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Spider TL.png
Race Ageless
Affiliations Ageless
First Appearance Grand Paladin Order

Spiders are intelligent creatures that prey on life. They are able to speak the common language and are born with the Ageless curse.


Spiders are giant skeletal 6 legged creatures with 5 eyes, two giant fangs, and many razor sharp teeth. They can speak to others through Telepathic Communication in attempts to toy with enemies.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Spider}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Deathweavers}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Death Web}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Eggtomb}]


The Grand Paladin Order[edit]

Spiders first appeared in The Grand Paladin Order when they assisted the Ageless in a attempted siege of Kaddoral.



Venomburner TL.png
Race Spider
Affiliations Spiders, Ageless
First Appearance Grand Paladin Order


Venomburner led an assault on the Grand Paladin Order's base in Kaddoral. It spewed toxic flaming gas all across the battlefield, engulfing the Paladins. It was eventually defeated by Lance Willakers, and Gwyneth and Galen Sunsword.

Notable Examples[edit]