Virendra Willakers

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Virendra Willakers
RaceDvergr, Dragon Aspect Whelpling
RelationshipsThe Grand Paladin Order
SeasonsSeason Three

Virendra Willakers is a Dvergr Paladin played by Spiff in The Lightbeards. She is the wife of Bruce Willakers, and a capable Paladin and mother.



Virendra has rocky skin like other Dvergrs, but has neon pink hair that she tied into a ponytail. She can grow a beard, but says that she only chooses to wear it in combat, as she likes to otherwise show her jawline.


Virendra is very kind, and cares greatly for those around her. She loves all her children, and would sing them songs to soothe them.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Since Virendra was able to ascend, she must have a trained body, a focused mind, a mastery of magic, and must also be kind.


Bruce Willakers[edit]

Virendra is Bruce's wife. Virendra is easily stronger than Bruce, and can defeat him in a wrestling match without much contest. Virendra cares greatly for Bruce, and even attempted to sacrifice her own life to save his.

Lance Willakers[edit]

Virendra is Lance's mother, and she cared for him for most of his early life, while being helped by Douglass Winechester as a babysitter.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dvergr}]
  • [{Class / Paladin}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Bodybuilder}]
  • [{Attribute / Follower of the Light}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Favor}] (x2)
  • [{Shield / Dexterous}]
  • [{Supplies / Mothers Gift}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Intervention}]
  • [{Paladin / Hammer of Sanctification}]
  • [{Paladin / Honor Chains}]
  • [{Paladin / Lay on Hands}]
  • [{Paladin / Purify}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Paladin / Heavy Plate}]
  • [{Paladin / Warhammer}]
  • [{Weapon / Bone Herald's Staff}]
  • [{Weapon / Ouro'ras Chime Sword}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Virendra was created by Thor as with many other Dvergrs, and eventually found love in Bruce Willakers, who she married and had multiple children with, and joined him at the Grand Paladin Order.

The Lightbeards[edit]

Virendra is joined by Bruce, and Douglass Winechester, who is looking after her son Lance, in assisting King Akers defend against an Ageless incursion. As they fight, Virgo Sunsword arrives with two of his children and wipes out a large amount of the Ageless, and makes conversation with the group. Bruce and Virendra invite Virgo back to the Grand Paladin Order, where they formed a close friendship over the years. A few years later, the Grand Paladin Order is celebrating Grand Paladin Day, but while the celebrations are going on, Virendra is trying to help Douglass put Lance to bed, although many of the guests including Thor and Virgo try to help, until ultimately Bruce helps Virendra by singing the Song of Dragons to calm Lance. Later, Virendra meets with King Leomaris, who offers to wrestle with her. Virendra wins, although she suspects that Rohbear let her. After the fight Douglass confesses that he has lost Lance, but Wap Wap, their dog, is able to follow his scent and lead them to where he was taken. The group finds Lance in a nest filled with Ageless Spiders, which they begin to fight. Virendra attempts to summon flares to burn the spiders, but after a large spider splits and swarms the battlefield the group is almost overrun, until a group of Highbears arrive and clear the infestation out, saying that they had been tasked to protect Bruce Willakers. Douglass had recovered Lance in combat, so the group heads back to the Order. Virendra jumps at the opportunity to wrestle Azan Asmodeus, a Highbear, but she loses, although Asmodeus commends her on her strength. After Bruce talks to Virendra, concerned about her wrestling match, Thor stumbles in, drunk, saying that he wants to reclaim the Eternal Flame from within Bruce, so he challenges him to a battle. After Bruce is quickly bested, Virendra is quick to jump to his aid, both figuratively and literally, as she attempts to block Thor's attacks with her body. When all hope seems lost, Virendra tries to block one last attack, but as she leaps in the way and glances back at Bruce, a change begins in her body. Huge amounts of raw power start flowing from Virendra's body as it grows and morphs into that of a Whelpling as she ascends. She takes the hit from Thor, and breathes magic onto him, encasing him in bronze. Due to this transformation, Virendra temporarily lost control of her mind, and began attacking the people she once protected. After fighting for a while, releasing many different forms of magic and taking hits from everyone around her, Virendra broke out of the building, and flew away into a nearby cave. Bruce, knowing what must be done ventured after her, alongisde Virgo, who brought Sursurmar, a sword capable of hurting Divines. Bruce tracked Virendra down, and he and Virgo battled her, until Virendra had Bruce pinned down, ready to strike on her husband. Virgo, having had his eye damaged in the battle, stood up and charged Sursurmar, and impaled it into Virendra's jaw, pinning her to the ceiling. Their battle caused great damage to the cave, which began to collapse, so Bruce had to pick up Virgo and carry him while running away. As they left, Virendra's body dissolved before Virgo's eyes.


After sacrificing herself to save Bruce from Thor, Virendra transformed into a dragon and fought Virgo Sunsword and Bruce, until she was pinned to the ceiling of a cavern, and was seen disappearing as Virgo and Bruce escaped the collapsing cave.


  • Virendra is based on a character from the story of one of Rob's previous projects - Dwarves vs Zombies. While she is the wife of Bruce Willakers in both projects, within DvZ she was also made into the bow of Bruce Willakers, also named Virendra, after her death.