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Stone Tail KHH.png
Race Canines
Affiliations Varies
First Appearance Band of Thieves

Canines are fearsome creatures that bear a resemblance to dogs and wolves. Certain subraces of canines can be tamed as pets.


Canines are four-legged creatures often associated as dogs and wolves. They can range from common household pets, to powerful guardians, to wild animals.


Subrace Role Description
Black Wolf Hostile Black wolves are known to be pack hunters, and hunt alongside White Wolves to catch their prey. Black wolves can howl at enemies to taunt them, and have fur that glistens in the moonlight, making them invincible when exposed to the moon. First seen in The Blood Snake Queen.
Pot Puppies Pet Pot Puppies are canine-like plants that can be grown from soil in pots by using Pot Puppy Seeds. If they come into contact with fire, they will become hostile Hell Hounds. First seen in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.
White Wolf Hostile White wolves are known to be pack hunters, and hunt alongside Black Wolves to catch their prey, and have the ability to toss their foes. First seen in The Blood Snake Queen.
Wolf Hostile/Pet Wolves are large canines and can be tamed by Lumberjacks. First seen in The Many Gobos of Pat.
Sun Hound Hostile/Pet Sun Hounds are canines with the ability to teleport and produce Suntiles beneath their feet as they walk. This makes them ideal pets for Sunclerics. First seen in Band of Thieves.
Stone Tail Hostile Stone Tails are rocky canines that can control the environment around them if they are rooted into the ground. They are known to be hunted by Kobolds due to their tendency to eat Rock Sheep. First seen in Kobold Headhunters.

Notable Examples[edit]