Xavius Barringster

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Xavius Barringster
Campaigns The Sunswords

Xavius Barringster is a Elf Thane portrayed by Roamin in The Sunswords. He is a member of the squad of Elves escorting prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains, and one of Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends. He also appears in The Silvermine Mountains, as her current boyfriend and one of the guards of the prison. He died when a boulder crushed him while he tried to escape the collapsing Silvermine Mountains.



Xavius knows the Spell of Bearding and has a beard. In The Sunswords he decided to grow his beard back when the party decides to camp for a bit in order to become Gwyneth Sunsword's boyfriend again. Later on, he would have a beard covering up the bottom half of his entire face similar to a mask. Xavius can still breathe fine through the large beard, however. Eventually, due to the wild, uncontrolled growth of his facial hair, Xavius would shave it off using Dave's "Spell of Shaving".


Xavius openly admits that he still has feelings for Gwyneth Sunsword, and he is generally seen acting as a jealous ex-boyfriend would. He often takes jabs at Gwyneth's love interest at the time, Kallark Gandolin, and even attempts to grow a better beard (through magic) to get Gwyneth's attention. Gwyneth, however, claims that Xavius is conceited and that he is only attracted to power.

Xavius displays some very selfish personality traits. He is willing to manipulate Gwyneth, using her confusion (caused by the work of the Leader's Heartoak Staff acquired by Dave) to try and force her to date him again. He was also willing to use the body of the unconscious Ian Bates to shield himself from an approaching arrow, resulting in Ian's death. Finally, he froze Kallark with a Ray of Frost in order to steal his Tambok Ticket (unfortunately destroying the ticket in the process) and then lied to Gwyneth, saying that Kallark simply got drunk.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Xavius can breathe through his beard, even when it has grown very large.


Gwyneth Sunsword[edit]

Xavius was a member of Gwyneth's personal squad of Sunswords. He was Gwyneth's ex-boyfriend during The Sunswords, and they dated starting at the end of The Sunswords and throughout The Silvermine Mountains. Xavius and Gwyneth were very close, and Gwyneth even admitted to him that she wasn't ready to have a child.

Kallark Gandolin[edit]

Xavius and Kallark are rivals, fighting with each other for Gwyneth's affection whenever they are together, especially when Kallark and Gwyneth were dating during The Sunswords. Most of their arguments devolve into back and forth insults, but they are reluctant to resort to physical violence out of respect for Gwyneth's wishes.

Phineas Barringster[edit]

Xavius and Phineas are cousins. The two get along very well, and Xavius cares deeply for his younger cousin. Xavius encourages Phineas's ambitious sense of adventure, even allowing him to accompany the group as they escort their prisoners.

Templeton Barringster VII[edit]

Xavius and Templeton are also cousins. Although Xavius and Templeton are never shown interacting with each other, Xavius states that he thinks Templeton is stuck up and obnoxious.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Thane}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Kindred}]
  • [{Attribute / Alpha}]


  • [{Passive / Emerald of Persistence}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Strength}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Ray of Frost EX}]
  • [{Thane / Call Mjollnir}]
  • [{Thane / Draggin Lightning}]
  • [{Thane / Spell of Bearding}]
  • [{Thane / Thunderous Roar}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Paladin / Blessing of Strength}]
  • Shocking Disarm


  • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]
  • [{Weapon / Bronze Mace}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • Tambok Ticket
  • [{Thane / Siffiran Silver Hammer}] (2)
  • [{Weapon / Dwarven Runeblade}]



Xavius is the son of Jenathorn Barringster and member of Gwyneth Sunsword's personal Sunsword group. At some point, Xavius was in a relationship with Gwyneth Sunsword. According to Xavius, the relationship only deteriorated due to long distance and lack of communication.

The Sunswords[edit]

Xavius was a member of the squad tasked with escorting a carriage full of prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains. The squad was under the command of Xavius' former girlfriend, Gwyneth Sunsword, and her current boyfriend, Kallark Gandolin. Right from the start, Xavius displayed some distaste for Kallark. Xavius was ordered to supervise the latest elf recruits, particularly the nervous Ian Bates.

While traversing a Ytt-inhabited canyon, a wounded Ian Bates was saved from certain death by Xavius who yanked Ian out of the way of a large rolling boulder with Draggin Lightning. However, moments later, the self-preserving Thane used the same ability on Ian to block a misfired arrow, killing Ian. At the end of the canyon, every member of the team - except for Kallark - was scolded by Gwyneth for their sloppy performance, and Xavius was demoted.

Xavius and Rufio were then tasked with burying Ian Bates while the others set up camp to rest. Likely jealous of Kallark, Xavius made use of the Spell of Bearding in an attempt to gain Gwyneth's attention. When two goblin merchants approached the team to offer their wares, Xavius and his Elven crew attacked the goblins on instinct, killing one and arresting the other. After finally getting a moment to rest, Xavius was unexpectedly approached by his young cousin, Phineas, who had come bearing cookies for Xavius. Gwyneth allowed the adventurous young Elf to tag along with the team under Xavius' supervision. Before the caravan crew carried on, Xavius learned that Gwyneth was carrying Kallark's child.

When the group encountered a blazing barn swarming with fire elementals, Xavius kept a watchful eye on his young cousin who was instructed to remain with the prison carriage. Xavius was quick to respond to the Flame Spooky that emerged from the inferno, however, he struggled to connect his attacks against the terror and accidentally tossed away his [{Treasure / Dwarven Runeblade}].

The group came across a bridge with an ogre blocking the way. The ogre requested a Tambok Ticket as payment for safe passage. Coincidentally, only Xavius and Kallark possessed a ticket, but neither one was willing to give up his treasure. Gwyneth tried to persuade Xavius to give up his ticket which resulted in an argument between the two where Xavius confessed that he still has feelings for Gwyneth. The two were interrupted by Kallark who oddly displayed a significant amount of affection towards Xavius (due to the Leader's Heartoak Staff). Kallark then invited Xavius to have a private conversation behind the carriage where Xavius was met with a half naked Kallark. This awkward moment was cut short by Phineas attacking Kallark and usurping leadership of the party. Several minutes later, Xavius found Phineas making out with Bob. After witnessing his cousin flip through a range of emotions, Xavius blasted Kallark with a [{Sorcerer / Ray of Frost}] in an attempt to swipe the ticket so that the group may proceed. Unfortunately, the spell was more potent than expected, and the fragile ticket was destroyed while Kallark was frozen solid. Luckily for Xavius, he was not forced to give up his ticket as he pointed out that the ogre was actually in no condition to fight because it was suffering from a seizure, allowing the group to slip by.

Near the end of the journey, the crew fell into trap set by one of the prisoners, Jakelad. The devious Porc summoned many of his allies to assault the caravan and cover his escape. Against his better judgement, Xavius allowed Phineas to release the remaining prisoners in this desperate moment. Fortunately, the prisoners chose to fight alongside Gwyneth's squad and played a significant part in shifting the battle in favor of Xavius and his allies. The Porc ambushers were eventually defeated, although Jakelad was able to escape and Gwyneth had lost her unborn child in a tragic occurrence. With the mission completed, Phineas said farewell to his cousin and headed back home. Kallark, however, seemed to have suddenly disappeared leaving Gwyneth to spitefully accept Xavius back as her boyfriend.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Xavius had an argument with Kallark Gandolin about giving him Unter and Gunter, the kobold children who's house burnt down. Xavius argued that he was only supposed to let prisoners in, not out. Gwyneth broke up the argument, and instructed Xavius to bring the new prisoners to their cells. He was later tricked by Margaret O'Malley into giving away his armor and locking himself in his cell. Margaret's plan failed when the guard guarding that cell block noticed Margaret was impersonating Xavius. Xavius later had a conversation with Gwyneth while rubbing her back, about having children. Gwyneth stated that she wasn't ready for kids, and Xavius argued that she was. When The Ageless One was awakened in the Silvermine Mountains, Xavius turned to Gwyenth to help her leave the collapsing cave, but a rock fell and crushed him as he turned to her.


As the Elves were trying to escape the collapsing Silvermine Mountains, Xavius was crushed by a boulder, killing him instantly.

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  • According to Rob, if Rufio had been killed before the Painful Twist donation event was activated, Xavius would have been the one to stab Gwyneth.
  • Since Xavius is a cousin to Phineas, and Phineas is Virgo's godson, this technically means that Xavius dated his cousin's godfather's daughter.
  • Xavius was the original character to be featured on the Thane's class cards in Season 2. He was replaced with Kristy Cobbler in Season 3's Thane class cards.