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ClassPaladin / Spellslinger
AffiliationThe Sandbolds
Campaigns The Sandbolds
SeasonsSeason Three

Yohan is a Kobold Paladin and Spellslinger played by DeadBones in The Sandbolds. Yohan was one of few Kobold children who were taken in by the Sandbolds after Bopen's Crew raided their village. Yohan, after being abused and enslaved, slowly grew to accept his life as a Sandbold, regarding them to be his family and living his life for the Light. He was last seen being whisked away by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus while the divine Maelstrom attacked the Sandbolds.



Yohan is a male Kobold with light colored fur. As a child, Yohan was small and weak, being forced to wear several layers of chains due to his constant attempts of escape. He was often beaten, causing him to be very dirty and bruised as a child. As a teenager, Yohan became very muscular due to carrying his heavy chains around. He now wears the chains as a symbol of his role in the Sandbolds. He had also grew his hair out, now with stubble and a ponytail. As an Adult, Yohan grew to an enormous size, towering several feet over the other Kobolds and races. Yohan now wore his hair cut short and swooped over to the side and had a handlebar mustache. He now wore massive plated armor and carried a helmet. He wore the same chains around his armor as a reminder of his beginnings,


As a child, Yohan was very disobedient. Often trying to run away from his slavers, only to be slowly dragged back and beaten into submission. His small, weak nature caused him to whine a lot, much to the dismay of Varik. As a teenager, Yohan became very obedient. He would recite his passages in his journal in a militaristic fashion, praising his chains and Varik. He was now very grateful for everything the Sandbolds had done for him, and welcomed his tasks. Upon reaching adulthood, Yohan would become more relaxed, often joking with Varik. He did treat his job as a Sandbold and follower of the Light with the upmost respect, never swaying from his teachings nor the Song of Dragons. Even when facing down someone who embodied that everything he believed was wrong, Yohan still attempted to defend it with his very last breath.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Yohan is a very devout man who tends to try and follow the law. He is also kind enough to not take advantage of a gobolf shopkeeper.


Yohan's strongest relationship was with his Mentor Varik. While having a rocky start, with Varik being abusive and often beating him, eventually Yohan grew to respect him and Varik viewed him more as an apprentice than a slave. Yohan also has the beginins of a relationship with Quintara Lotus, as he bought a kiss from her that inadvertently saved him from Maelstrom's divine wrath.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Paladin}]
  • [{Class / Spellslinger}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Slavery}]
  • [{Attribute / Heart of Gold}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Favor}]
  • [{Supplies / Giant}]
  • [{Supplies / Mothers Gift}]
  • [{Supplies / Multiclass}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Intervention}]
  • [{Paladin / Martyr}]
  • [{Paladin / Purify}]
  • [{Spellslinger / Flame Shots}]
  • [{Spellslinger / High Noon}]
  • [{Spellslinger / Showdown}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Paladin / Heavy Plate}]
  • [{Spellslinger / Magical Revolver}]
  • [{Weapon / Archmage Staff}]
  • [{Weapon / Elemental Mage Gauntlet 3}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Yohan once lived in a Kobold town near the coast. However, his life there was cut short as Bopen's Undead Army came with new recruits, seeking to test their mettle. Once they arrived, they sent an magically controlled Ghostblade to murder all of the Kobolds in the town. The assassin manages to kill Yohan's parents, but he was saved when the Sandbolds decided to intervene and submit Yohan to a life of servitude.

The Sandbolds[edit]

After several attempts of escape, Yohan was finally brought to the Final Talon. There he was beaten into submission by his new mentor Varik and indoctrined into the ways of the Sandbolds. Living his life by recording time anomalies for the deceased Sun God Phanto.

Years later, Yohan was allowed to accompany the other slaves and Talee in visiting Lyn Azveltara's home Ninjaru. There Yohan followed McCarrot Smith in taking Dragon Sand from Vanessa Squishwitz, leading to a life of addiction to it. He was then allowed to spare with Lyn's Azveltara Warriors Kohai Chan and Aryu. He was joined by an intoxicated McCarrot and quickly made work of the duo.

Now an adult, Yohan joined the Sandbolds on his very first Time Anomaly mission: Inspecting the Time Bubble around the Kobold Town of Karazzim. While investigate, Yohan was the first to notice evidence that the inhabitants of the town were Believers of the same person and quickly went into combat. It was shortlived due to the strength of McCarrot, and the group returned to the Final Talon to report their findings.

Some years later, Yohan was joined the Sandbolds in attending the Ascension of Leopold Barringster Sunsword. Yohan was the only member of the Sandbolds to turn down Leopold's offer of bribery for support in the Senate, and wisely purchase a kiss from the Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus.

Returning back to the Final Talon, the Sandbolds where ambushed by the betrayer of their kind: Maelstrom. The Kobold revealed that Sandbolds harbored the very killer of Yohan's parents in their home, and that Yohan was nothing more than a puppet of an Old God. While this shook his beliefs, Yohan sided with the Sandbolds against Maelstrom. However Maelstrom soon Ascended, turning into a Whelpling infront of their eyes. Now questioning his beliefs, Yohan decided he would try to defend the only family he knew and tried to hold back Maelstrom while the Sandbolds fleed.


In nearly giving his life to save the Sandbolds, Yohan was saved at the last minute by Quintara Lotus, who was connected by the kiss. Yohan was unable to save the Sandbolds.


  • Yohan is addicted to Dragon Sand.
  • Yohan's voice is an impression of Patrick Warburton