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Home To Beenu, many Robots, Beenu Warmachine, Whelplings
First Appearance Unexpected Discovery‎‎

Zelfatar was one of the Great Halls constructed by the Beenu before the Birth of Magic. It was recently discovered by the adventurer Duke Daring from the Guild of Explorers while on a quest to find a new passage into the Realm of Holding. Zelfatar is in very bad shape as over half of the entire Dungeon has collapsed due to very unusual seismic activity. [1]


Zelfatar is a dungeon embedded within a mountain mostly consisting of a dark brown rock with golden pipes and gears going along the walls.


Starting Room[edit]

Ageless Room.png

The starting room consists of four entrences leading towards a stair case in the middle, after a while upon entering the room Ageless Beenu will rise.

Arrow Room[edit]

Arrow Room.png

Upon going down the stairs of the previous room you are taken to a room with a long dark tunnel on one end filled with arrow traps, upon getting through the tunnel you are met with a large crater that you will have to jump.

Elemech Room[edit]

Elemech Room.png

This room is one similar to one found in the Zarlin Catacombs, in which there are three large Elemechs, one blue, red, and green that can change your Race, Abilities, Treasures, etc. Upon defeating the Elemechs the door to the right opens.

Boulder Tunnel[edit]

Boulder Tunnel.png

This is a long tunnel that upon entering boulders start falling from the ceiling and rolling down the tunnel until they fall into the ravine at the end, after a while they stop.

The Bridge[edit]


This next room consists of a bridge that when attempted to cross activates a Beenu Warmachine, who promptly breaks it.

The Dragon Den[edit]

Dragon Den.png

After digging through the wall past the bridge you will find yourself in a tunnel that looks like lava but can be walked on, upon going to the end of this tunnel you will encounter a deadly Whelpling, an infantile dragon that spawned from the Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga.



Before the Birth of Magic, the ancient race called Beenu would build dungeons designed to test the strength and will of Elves. These Great Halls are often filled with traps, puzzles, and machines hostile to almost all who enter them. They were more like theme parks rather than dungeons for elves at the time as both Death and Time were not concepts of this world before the Birth of Magic.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Den of Devils[edit]

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