Ziggy Ziggy

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Ziggy Ziggy
Ziggy Ziggy BOTB Puppet.png
AffiliationZiggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns Battle of the Bards

Ziggy Ziggy is a Hill Dwarf Musician, portrayed by Deadbones during the Battle of the Bards campaign. He is the leader of the band 'Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy.'




Ziggy Ziggy seems to be a violent yet friendly dwarf, as he enjoyed the battle with The Future Winners, while being kind to Lance Briggs. Despite his violent behavior, Ziggy Ziggy stated "I am not a killer", followed by him sparing Gear Man and offering him a position as his "new roadie".


Lance Briggs[edit]

Lance and Ziggy seem to have met one another a long time ago in a previous Battle of the Bards competition, but last saw each other at the 5th Battle of the Bards. They were good friends, with Ziggy even sharing a childhood trauma revolving around his older brother trapping him in a barrel and filling it with lemons. But, as of the Battle of the Bards campaign, their relationship seems to have moved towards more of a rivalry.

Iggy Iggy[edit]

Iggy Iggy is Ziggy's beloved pet wolf. After finding Iggy Iggy, Ziggy forged a strong bond with it. The wolf is described as a domesticated Stone Tail.

An Unnamed Older Brother[edit]

Ziggy's older brother tormented Ziggy as a child, putting him in a barrel and filling it with lemons. This led Ziggy to have a fear of lemons, to the point where he ran out of a tavern after seeing a lemon slice.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Sorcerer Abilities[edit]




  • An Enchanted Guitar



Battle of the Bards[edit]


Ziggy Ziggy won his first round of the Battle of The Bards, which was originally against Harold until The Future Winners took over Harold's performance. However, he did not win the competition, as he was presumably beaten by Tiefa’ni.


  • In Deadbones' Behind the Scene Q&A he confirmed that Ziggy Ziggy was a reference to David Bowie that he dialed back quite a lot due to him passing between them recording the first and second sessions of the campaign, for he thought it would have been in bad taste. [1]
    • With being a reference to David Bowie, the name Ziggy Ziggy is probably derived from the song Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie.